By WalkingTree  May 24,  2021

DevOps necessitates Mandatory Vacations

DevOps increase a team’s end-to-end responsibility and autonomy. Team members modify code, deploy and handle operational duties. Bringing Dev and Ops teams together results in faster deployments and higher-quality software.

But Dev and Ops require broad access and permissions. When everyone on the team has access to everything, there’s no forcing function to limit relying on single or shared accounts. This access results from a lack of clear indication on which credentials or permissions authorize each responsibility. 

Mandatory vacations give an alternative. The concept is simple – cut off a team member’s access when they go on vacation. Depending on the setup, you can disable accounts, revoke privileges, and remove them from groups. 

Mandatory vacations also ensure the onboarding practices are up to date. When the colleague returns, you can acknowledge which privileges are truly necessary. Depending on the team’s growth and maturity, employees can create well-documented practices and enable full user management automation.

Lastly, this provides an opportunity to promote key security principles. Are you giving users the minimum level of permissions needed to do their job? Are you giving access to shared folders in your password manager? And so on. Read on to know more about Mandatory vacations in DevOps.


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