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Video KYC
A solution for a smart verification process and seamless customer onboarding experience

Enterprise-Grade Video KYC

RBI approved ID verification solution

Boost customer onboarding, decrease drop-offs, weed out bad actors  and reduce onboarding costs

Video KYC is an RBI-approved AI-driven solution that helps enterprises speed-up customer on-boarding by automating the document collection and verification process. The automation process uses AI-driven face match and document verification algorithms.

How Video KYC works

  1. The user registers on your website or app and provides KYC documents.
  2. A live video call with your agent is initiated by the user.
  3. The agent tracks the conversation by asking random questions, making movements, and taking photos.
  4. Call data is made accessible through a portal dashboard for auditing team workflow.


100% Digital & Instant KYC Solution

Complete KYC in less than one minute by digitizing OVD collection and face biometric based authentication

Accurate Data Extraction & Validation

Accurately extract details from ID cards using smart OCR. Validate details online against supported government databases

Selfie / Video Authentication

Authenticate identity details by matching photo on ID document with live selfie / video recording

Liveness And Non Repudiation

Ensure person is present through liveness check. Record declaration and terms & conditions (T&C) acceptance for non repudiation check

In Person Verification Through Portal

We offer in person verification over and above the AI algorithmic verification where final KYC approval is done by your agent

Platform Agnostic Deployment

Integrate your existing customer applications, be it mobile or web, using APIs and SDKs


Instant and paperless

Verification is completed quickly without the need for physical record collection.

Real-time Pan Verification

OCR-based customer data authentication in real time.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

In-person verification is no longer needed. Reduce drop offs by resuming video calls with a single click.


During the call, the customer’s location may be asked, and the location, as well as the date and time, are watermarked in the video recording.


During the call, the company will ask you to fill out a standard questionnaire. These questions can be campaign-specific, and the agent can fill out the form and the video call at the same time.

Customer data management

When the agent answers the phone, he or she should have the customer information needed to provide the requested service. This means that the agent has a thorough understanding of the customer prior to the call.

Quality check

After the verification call, the Quality Analyst will verify the call and compare the video call recording to the questionnaire answer.

Secured call and storage

This is important for companies, particularly when customers are sharing KYC information. Call recordings should be encrypted and safely stored in the cloud or on customer-provided storage to prevent data leakage.

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