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Performance Assessment

Objective Performance Management through Effective Employee Engagement!

The philosophy!

Karma @ Workplace

Karma (action or inaction) of a person will affect him or her at some time in the future. If explicitly and transparently defined, it will work great in the workplace as well!

Engagement Drives Performance

An engaged employee is excited about their work and goes beyond their roles and responsibilities to take positive action to further the organization’s interest and reputation.

Accumulation Over a Period

Accumulation of Karma over a period gives fair idea about the contribution of an individual. While the short-terms aggregates can help with tactical decisions, the long term Karma will be of great help in strategic growth! 

Reinforcement Changes Behavior

A timely reward (or lack of reward) for a given action in a given environment leads to reinforcement of the executed action. What gets rewarded, gets repeated and that is what forms the behavior. 

Praise in Public and Criticize in Private

The appreciation as well as the constructive feedback is important and it must be recorded somewhere so that it matters. However, the praise must go in public so that people can leverage on the strength and criticism must stay private so that associated stakeholders can work together and bring in the required improvement!

Holistic = Social Recognition + SMART Goals

Through the transparent and objective contribution recognition, the teams will be able to see what will help them to be on the leaderboard and they will know what will take them from point A to point B.

How it Works

Main Features


Employee Nominate themselves against the  competencies for their roles. They do so for one or more competencies and sends the details to his manager for review and approval. Once approved by manager, it gets added to their overall performance!

Know Your Performers

Know your most engaged employee and learn about their engagement based on various criterias.

Conversation using Corporate Social Feeds

Employee works with the manager to agree on the SMART goals. Makes progress on the same and submits for evaluation after the successful completion. The manager reviews, rates and approves the goals. This results into addition of Karma into the overall performance in the realtime.

Other Key Features

Define Engagements

Based on the company values and vision, define the engagement which you want to measure and allocate engagement score for them.

Organization Structure

Manage organization reporting and corresponding history through detailed profiles as well as timelines.

Competencies Setup

Setup competencies for each role. Map them with the suitable Karma score and make this available to the employee for the self-assessment on the monthly basis. 

Resource Allocation

Seek Request from the resource manager for a given project and manage corrett allocation.Track their utilization and availability.

Project and Tasks

Set up projects, track resources, create tasks, create MoMs, take notes and maintain other key details related to project! 


Sends email notification for change in resources, nearing end dates, lack of compliance and many other exceptional situations.

How to use Karma Score and Feedback?

The periodic appraisal and compensation decisions

Decision on Bonus and Promotions

To anticipate potential attrition issue and resolved them timely

To identify potential for increasing utilization and productivity at the individual level, lead level and department level

To track the overall experience of an employee in an organization

To scan through his/her timeline/profile to see if he/she could be the best fit for your next project

Examples of Activities and Engagements

  • Monthly review of the performance of the day-to-day committed roles and responsibilities
  • Feedback from the managers and peers
  • Project release and milestone level success and celebration
  • Project Feedback
  • Customer appreciation/escalation
  • Adherence (or lack of it) to a recommended quality benchmark
  • Value addition to the customer and company while solving the current problems as part of standard commitments
  • Develop learning plan and best practices for the team and company
  • Create artifacts for better visibility of the product/solution/company
  • Participate in hiring better talent
  • Tracking technology trend and coming up with recommendations
  • Participating in challenges like Hackathon, Faceoff, Quizzes, Competitions, etc
  • Participate in fun committee and HR events
  • Branding of Organization through social sharing by the employee

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