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Focus on an experience-driven approach as opposed to a process-driven approach to empower onboarding.

Automating Customer Onboarding

DevOps Solutions
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Automate deployment, management, and scaling of containerized

Containerization and Orchestration

DevOps Solutions

Customer Data Isolation

Ensure customers have separate databases while sharing a common
application runtime.

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Real Time Test & Code Quality Validation

Validate your code quality through unit testing, and integration testing,
to ensure it meets client requirements.

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Test Automation and Regression

Ensure your code does not regress when changes are made to it
through automated regression testing.

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Tracing and Real Time Monitoring

Get real-time updates to ensure you’re always ahead of the curve.

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Customer success

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Digital Governance

DevOps solutions for government services – reduce downtime, enable easier Implementation and maintenance.

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Digital Lending Platform

A cloud-based service for loan automation and mortgages.

Empowering DevOps



Our experience ensures you receive the best services from this orchestration platform.


RedHat OpenShift

Boost your application containerization through the renowned Red Hat OpenShift.

What you get

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Value Creation Through Automation

We help set-up collaboration and cross-functional software teams and shorten the systems development life cycle. This helps in continuous delivery with high software quality.

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MACS as Guiding Principle

Driven by Metrics, passion for Automation, conscious of the importance of Culture, and a team built on Sharing knowledge principles, we apply DevOps and integrate agile processes to deliver the desired business value.

Five C’s of our DevOps focus

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Curated Process

Organized process to make necessary decision as required.

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Continuous Testing

Developers regularly merge code changes into a shared repository where updates are automatically tested.

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Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitoring and vital information about the use of the software is recorded.

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Continuous Integration

Practice of integrating changes from many developers into a mainline as early as possible several times a day.

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Continuous Deployment

Process that takes the model one step further by automatically deploying code to production.

Why WalkingTree

200 X

More frequent code deployments.


Hours of project experience around DevOps.

100 X

Faster lead time from commit to deploy.

2500 X

Faster time to recover from incidents



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