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Propel your cloud journey towards tomorrow's opportunities through our Microsoft Azure Cloud services

As a trusted Microsoft partner, we integrate a versatile portfolio of Azure Cloud with our wealth of experience and expertise to assist organizations in their smooth transition to the cloud, allowing them to unlock the exciting possibilities of tomorrow. 

Azure Cloud Strategy

WalkingTree has helped organizations define their cloud operating models, ensuring they’re ready to adopt Azure at scale. 

Our Cloud Strategists have also delivered detailed business cases, which uncover all the true benefits Azure in driving their business forward. 

Strategic Cloud Adoption:

Craft a tailored Azure cloud strategy that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring a well-planned and successful transition.

Comprehensive Business Cases

Develop detailed business cases that outline the tangible benefits of Azure adoption, helping you make informed decisions for business growth.

Expert Guidance

Leverage the expertise of our Cloud Strategists to unlock the full potential of Azure, enabling your organization to thrive in the cloud-driven landscape.

Complex Migration Leadership

Expertly navigate complex migrations, even for highly-regulated organizations, ensuring seamless and compliant transitions to Azure.

High-Velocity Transitions

Execute rapid and risk-mitigated migrations to Azure, helping clients meet tight deadlines and achieve their ROI objectives.

End-to-End Support

We evaluate your organization’s readiness for the cloud. This assessment considers factors like technical readiness, compliance requirements, and the readiness of your team to adapt to cloud technologies.

Azure Cloud Migration

We've successfully navigated intricate migrations, even for heavily regulated entities, and executed high-velocity Azure transitions, ensuring clients meet strict deadlines and ROI targets. 

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum, from strategic planning, discovery, and business case development to the seamless operation and maintenance of all your systems in the Azure cloud.

Azure Cloud Native Development

WalkingTree's Azure professionals helped establish fully containerized environments for clients, orchestrated by Kubernetes, enhancing security and scalability.  If you're seeking a partner to modernize your applications for optimal Azure cloud utilization or revamp your infrastructure using Azure DevOps, WalkingTree is your trusted ally in this transformation journey.

Containerized Environments

Harness the power of containerization orchestrated by Kubernetes to ensure secure and scalable cloud-native environments on Azure.

Application Modernization

Enable more frequent and agile application releases, reducing time to market and ensuring a competitive edge in the cloud-native landscape.

Infrastructure Transformation

Leverage advanced technologies like Azure DevOps, GitHub, and AKS to modernize your infrastructure, paving the way for streamlined, efficient, and resilient cloud-native solutions.

Comprehensive Azure Expertise

We cover a broad spectrum of Azure managed services, including critical customer-facing applications, data environments, backend infrastructure, and cost optimization.

SRE and Continuous Improvement

Our approach incorporates Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and a commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring your Azure environment remains robust, efficient, and free from technical debt.

Strategic Azure Spend Optimization

We provide dedicated efforts to optimize Azure expenditures, helping you maximize the value of your Azure investments while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Azure Cloud Managed Services

Our proficiency in Azure managed services extends to a wide spectrum, encompassing vital customer-facing applications, data ecosystems, backend Azure infrastructure, and the optimization of Azure expenditures. 

At WalkingTree, we implement Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and continuous improvement principles, guaranteeing that no technical debt is accumulated.

Azure Data & AI services

At WalkingTree, we leverage our data analytics, and AI/ML expertise along with robust databases, data warehousing capabilities and AI and Machine Learning models of Microsoft Azure. 

By leveraging advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities of Azure we leave no stone unturned to ensure seamless process optimization and enhanced customer experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage Azure to harness the power of data for actionable insights, enhancing decision-making and customer experiences.

IoT Optimization

Connect and streamline IoT devices to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

Implement Microsoft’s latest AI and Machine Learning models to automate processes, optimize operations, and elevate customer experiences using Azure’s cutting-edge capabilities.

Why choose WalkingTree for Azure Cloud Enablement?

Tailored Solutions

Our approach is customized to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring that Azure serves your specific needs.


Azure Certified Professionals

Our team comprises Azure-certified experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your projects.

Ever-Evolving Excellence

Our commitment to continuous improvement guarantees your Azure environment remains efficient, secure, and ahead of the curve.

Cost-Effective Cloud Crafting

We sculpt Azure solutions that optimize your investments, ensuring that efficiency and cost-effectiveness are at the forefront.

Collaboration Catalysts

We foster an environment of collaboration, turning your Azure journey into a partnership for success.


Proactive Support

We provide round-the-clock support, ensuring that your Azure operations run smoothly and that assistance is always available when needed.


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