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QAOps on RedHat OpenShift Transforming the Software Delivery Process

  • Importance of QA at the heart of the delivery value chain
  • Optimize true hybrid cloud architecture
  • Improve data-driven decision making
DateTuesday, 24th May  2022


Scrum anti-patterns: Windows for improvement

  • Scrum Event Anti-Patterns
  • Scrum Role Anti-Patterns
  • How to detect Anti-Patterns
DateThursday, 16th June  2022


Fine-tuning GPT-3 for industries: Use cases

  • Training of GPT-3
  • Fine-tuning of GPT-3
  • Demo on GPT-3 fine-tuning
  • Industry applications of fine-tuned models
DateThursday, 23rd June  2022

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