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Identity Access Management solutions offers support for three standard protocols - OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0. Any tool or application that can integrate with these protocols can be plugged into Keycloak

Standard Protocol Support

Identity Access Management Solutions - Keycloak

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Identity Access Management solutions take care of authentication. Due to this, applications no longer need to work at safely storing passwords or use authentication mechanisms. IAM increases security as applications do not have direct access to user credentials.


Identity Access Management Solutions - Keycloak

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Identity Access Management comes with its own user database and has identity brokering capabilities. This makes it easy to start with and allows you to plug in your existing user database from other identity service providers.

Easy to Start

Identity Access Management Solutions - Keycloak

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Identity Access Management solutions have a large number of extension points that you can use to deploy custom code. This feature lets you modify behaviours and even add new capabilities.

Customizable and Extendable

Identity Access Management Solutions - Keycloak

Keycloak - How it Works

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When the user tries to navigate to a protected application, he is first redirected to the Keycloak authentication page. Once he enters his login credentials, Keycloak will redirect the user to the application with a code.

The application exchanges this authorization code with an ID and access token. The application can then use this ID or access token to authenticate the identity of the user.

Looking for IAM solutions?

WalkingTree - Single Sign on Solutions

Keycloak Deployment

We help organizations integrate and deploy keycloak so they can benefit fully from SSO.

Integrate with Existing Solutions

We provide Keycloak SSO integration support for organizations with existing solutions like Open LDAP and Active Directory.

Social Connect

We help enable social network logins for your apps using Keycloak instances. You can connect to OpenID providers like: Facebook, Github, LinkedIn, Google, etc.

Multi-factor Authentication

We help implement Multi-factor authentication through Keycloak. This increases security by having users provide multiple identity factors for authentication.

Our Services - Identity management through Keycloak

Identity and Access Management

Manage user Identity and Access by creating custom roles and groups for user database – using this information to authenticate users.

Identity Brokering

Through Keycloak’s admin panel you can use Keycloak as a proxy between your users and another identity management provider.

External Identity Source Sync

Synchronize Keycloak with an external database. Using Keycloak User Storage API, create custom extensions for any user database.

Customize Pages

Customize all pages displayed by Keycloak using HTML markups and CSS styles. Use custom JS scripts as part of customization for limitless possibilities.

Keycloak Integration

Due to its support capabilities,  we can integrate Keycloak on standard protocols like OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0.

Single Sign On

One time authentication. Users need to authenticated their identity only once and get access to multiple applications.

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