Sencha Ext JS Service & Solution Provider

We bring top-notch tools to the table by coordinating them with your web and mobile application development, delivery process, components, theming, and architecture.


We are equipped with competitive Sencha services and solutions to cater to your exact requirements


10+ years of experience of our professional experts ensures to bring out the best in your use case


80+ Sencha-certified experts in our team with years-long expertise ensure optimum output for every Sencha project


Our extensive solutions cater to your every requirement for Sencha application development, Sencha migration, and upgradation


Being a training partner with Sencha, we offer Sencha select services to ensure market-driven results


Based in the USA and India, we cater to the global differential requirements


We build comprehensive yet competitive designs and fantastic user experiences as stepping stones to an application’s success since UX is at the center of all we do,


We establish a strong framework for you to build your prototype, MVP, or finished application and support you all the way through the project. Additionally, we can assist you in setting up a reliable online and mobile application architecture standard.

UX &
Code Review

If the design and performance objectives for your application are not being met, we will analyze the UX and code of your application and assist you in making the necessary corrections.



We are uniquely prepared to upgrade your Ext JS apps with our experience with all versions of SENCHA and a number of successfully completed projects.


With perfect predictability, we have expertise converting non-Sencha apps to run on Sencha platforms. To enable you to use current JavaScript, we can successfully and efficiently upgrade your current apps that were created using older versions of ExtJS and Sencha touch to ExtJS 6.5.

Sencha Development

creating specific Sencha Ext JS, Sencha Touch, or Sencha GXT components in accordance with the project’s needs.

Web App

Professional services that focus on code maintainability and scalability for the cost- and time-effective mobilization of already-existing web applications.


We use a test strategy that ensures quality, cost-effectiveness, and productivity, whether it be manual testing, some automation, or a fully automated setup.


We create teams that are incredibly effective and produce consistently thanks to our training specialists and “we are your extended team” model.


Your ideas are transformed into industry-leading apps by our engineers, and attractive product solutions are created by our product management experts.


We assist OEMs in developing and maintaining their SDKs, tools, and platforms by having a thorough understanding of the Ext JS framework.

How do we ensure success?

We lead the technological field thanks to our in-house Sencha certified training professionals and their extensive understanding of the Sencha architecture and tools.

With the accessibility of human resources and professional advice on demand for all your Sencha requirements.

Effective teams and well-defined engagement processes that provide successful delivery and a high level of customer satisfaction.

We expose you to every facet of our delivery process and structure through our internal products and solutions.

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ExtJS Migration

Re-architect and migrate to a new
environment for more value-driven

Make your organization more productive, remunerative, and competitive by migrating your ExtJS app to new technologies without disrupting your every-day operations.

Without compromising on business continuity, company data, or your core business model, Walking Technologies’ process-ori-ented approach assures a smooth technology shift.

Why Would you need to migrate from EXTJS?

Reduce cost

Reduce ongoing expenses by switching a system from licenced software to an open-source platform.

Secure data

Boost the legacy sys-tem’s data security.

Business Growth

By upgrading systems, aid in business expansion.


Increasing data availability and scalability

ExtJS Application Migration

By helping migrate your Ext JS applications, we re-engineer and update your outdated legacy systems to give them new vitality. The application can be scaled and maintained more easily, and updates can be made more quickly. With our help, migrate your Ext JS application to the most relevant framework of your choice in a planned procedure!

We provide comprehensive solutions for migrating your ExtJS application to new technology, starting with a review of your current software applications and ending with an evaluation of any potential new requirements. All of your technology migration needs can be handled by our highly skilled staff of engineers and consultants.

Benefits of
migrating from Ext JS
to other frameworks like
React or Angular
for your business

  • By migrating your application from Ext JS i.e from licensed framework to an open-source platform, you can reduce ongoing costs.
  • Helps the business grow and expand by upgrading its systems and allows the legacy system’s current data security to be improved
  • Increased data acquisition, understanding of data analytics, and scalability of analytical reports
  • Modern systems are more productive and effective.
  • Compared to Ext JS, switching to an open source is always more affordable.
  • Compared to legacy systems, migration helps integration of the newest IT technologies with your current systems is simplified
  • Develop more stable, dependable, and trustworthy solutions.
  • The risk of being out of date is reduced by migration because you may constantly update to reflect the most recent developments.

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