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Build a self service portal that empower agents to enhance their service offering and work at the highest level of their capability with their best clients.

This service provider serves consumers with best possible services and products resulting in optimal brand and product experiences all in one place.

Empowering eCommerce with Digital Innovation

Our client has carved a niche within men’s fashion with their great quality product, exceptional commitment, and top of the line fashion. The company maintains an intricate process from designing to manufacturing premium quality garments. To quote Mark Twain, ‘rumors of the death of brick & mortar retail are greatly exaggerated’. While this still holds true, online presence comes with its own set of advantages starting with 24×7 availability to sheer convenience. An adept implementation of digital presence was pressed on by Walking Tree upon the client, to stay ahead in the rapidly changing market. 

Agile Digital Transformation with DevOps Methodology

Our client is a leading aftermarket auto spare parts distributor across the global network. With a network partnership across North America, Mexico, Europe, Columbia, El Salvador, etc. the client is a renowned global brand. As the customer demands and global network grew, the company was looking to restructure the current process and save time, cost, and improve efficiency in the product development to the production process. 

Data Visualization for Personal Finance Industry - WalkingTree casestudies

Financial Planning focuses on providing sound financial advice for businesses and individual. Gone those days when managing all your financial life was a big headache! Now, you can see the complete picture of your financial information at one place. Yes, no more logging and managing into your multiple accounts. 

Top IoT consulting giant takes their Asset Management to next level - WTT Techradar

Customer had developed initial Dashboard solution using Sencha Ext JS & a premium IoT Platform library however that did not meet Asset Management’s UI expectations. The look-n-feel and behaviour was not as per the expectation. Besides that the output across platforms was not consistent. They were looking for cross-platform pixel-perfect presentation with flawless features.

Agile Digital Transformation with DevOps Methodology - WTT TechRadar

With the emerging techniques and technologies, thousand of apps are being developed in different technologies and platforms with the new paradigms and expectations for user experience, integrity and design. The challenge was to build an application that can run on any kind and number of devices located anywhere.

The challenge was to build a real time application to make healthcare easily accessible to benefit users (Employees and Employers) who are searching for specific healthcare services and procedures which are within their budget, nearby to their location along with ratings and feedbacks from other users who have availed the services of the healthcare provider.

Services and Solutions to optimize waste water reuse - WTT TechRadat

Drinking water is becoming a scarce resource in many areas and both use of water and wastewater outlet are of major ecological and economical importance in many countries. Consumption and discharge may be considerably minimized by means of water reuse. 

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