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ASMITAS (Arsenic Mitigation at Source)

ASMITAS (Arsenic Mitigation at Source)

ASMITAS is an interactive platform developed in association with ExcelDots AB, KTH, Unicef, for assessing Arsenic risk in an aquifer during the tubewell installation. Arsenic in groundwater has been reported at several places worldwide and often poses a higher health risk depending on longer exposure to arsenic contaminated water.

ASMITAS provides a sustainable way to mitigate Arsenic risk in groundwater by identifying an appropriate source and minimizing expansive mitigation methods.

How ASMITAS works to assess water quality and ensure access to safe drinking water

ASMITAS is a data acquisition and aggregation system for identifying safe sources of water through systematically obtained scientific knowledge from the laboratory and harnessing local driller's knowledge. The Digital groundwater quality assessment platform functions through the following:

User-optimized Dashboard to monitor Arsenic screening data, map drillers and track litho-logs & hydrograph obtained from observation wells.

Integrated GIS maps for water points mapping, driller mapping and Arsenic geo-spatial mapping. al, hydrogeological and water quality information.

Microsoft cloud environment for data-storage, data warehousing, computing and data analysis.

Power BI supported data analytics, dashboard, and data visualization platform for assessing arsenic risk and hydrogeological conditions.

A cross-platform mobile application to capture geological, hydrogeological and water quality information.

Steps to get, set and go with ASMITAS

Step 1

Download and install the
ASMITAS android app on
Android phones and tablets
running on Android 5.0 & above. 

Step 2

Congratulations! ASMITAS is ready!

“ASMITAS is a multilingual app and as of now, it is accessible in English and Bengali.”

Understanding operational queues to get
most out of ASMITAS app





Take water safety management to the next
level with ASMITAS

Strategic Risk Assessment

ASMITAS provide strategic help for
Arsenic risk assessment and tracking
of sites with Arsenic-contaminated

Proven Methodology

ASMITAS help detecting arsenic in
water through proven methods
such as sediment characterization
& lithologs.

Smart, Fast & Cost Effective

ASMITAS bring a smart app-based
solution for instant water quality
assessment involving just
smartphone access.

Single-window Knowledge Source

ASMITAS help updating the knowledge
of communities, workers and local
drillers with latest Arsenic finding
data and measures.

Intuitive Dashboards

ASMITAS provides interactive
dashboards enriched with
data-driven insights on Arsenic
data, hydrogeological conditions
and proactive measures. 

Take control of your water quality and ensure access to safe drinking water with ASMITAS

Join the mission to mitigate Arsenic risk in groundwater.

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