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Walking Tree Technologies is a product development enterprise with a prolific backend engineering team that serves customers across the globe. We deliver end-to-end products, processes, and solutions in the mobile application development and web technologies realms using the best practices in agile to ensure a “Great Experience” that is exemplary and unprecedented.

Our accomplishments and accolades that give us an edge in the market include:

50 Best Indian Founded Company.

– The Silicon Review


Our Services

Our human-centric approach helps us create functional designs for a great User Experience that are scalable, modern, cost-efficient, and innovative. Our major focus is to curb technical and market risks for products in the software development lifecycle.
We build apps for Mobile implementation, Modern-day Web operations, and even revitalize Legacy systems to create seamless value. In order to establish this, we build the customers’ trust through uncompromised quality, performance, and consistency.
We enable the core functions of organizations with our end-to-end cloud services that are multi-platform enabled. We understand that the cloud is the core of any multi-functional enterprise solution and thus bring in reliability and new capabilities into the cloud infrastructure.

Our Process

Ideation & Scoping
In the Ideation and Scoping stage, we take care of Requirement Documentation, UX Design, UI/UX Design Review, Architecture Design and implementation, Finalization of the Technology Stack, Preparation of User Stories, Estimation of Story Points, Planning and Scheduling of events/processes, and Quality Assessment.
Design & Development
During the Design & Development phase, we take care of Low-Level Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Code Checking, Peer-Review, Integration Testing, Formal Code Review, Merge to Master & Deploy, Demo to QA, Test Case Review, Release Note documentation, and Quality Assurance.
Quality Analysis
This important phase involves the full-circle implementation processes in quality assurance like Test Case Preparation, Creating / Modifying the Automation Script, Test Case Execution, Bug Creation, Regression Testing, Creating / Updating User Stories, Release Approval, Deploy to UAT, Sanity Testing & Share Release Notes, and the Final Demo to Customers.
User Acceptance Testing
In the User Acceptance Testing stage, we handle the Review Issue created by the Customer, Categorize Issues as CR or Bug, Kick-off the CR Process for Change Request, Reproduce Bug(s), Document Steps for the Production, Design & Development of code, perform Quality Analysis, and execute the Review and Closure by the Customer.
Production Release
In this stage, we Create a Separate Code Branch, prepare and review the Release Plan, share the Release Plan with all the Stakeholders, deploy to Production, perform Sanity Testing, implement the Go-live, announce Success, execute performance monitoring for the Agreed period, and finally complete the Handover to DevOps.
Support & Maintenance
In the Support & Maintenance stage, we take care of Preventive Maintenance & Continuous Improvement, Review Issues Created by Customers, Categorize Issues such as CR or Bug, Kick-off the CR process for Change Request, Document the Steps in Production, Design & Development, Quality Analysis, Root cause Analysis, User Acceptance Testing, and Production Release.
In the DevOps stage, we perform the unit test automation, end-to-end test automation, build automation, deployment automation, release approval based on the code coverage, and relay of the deliverable to production.
our works
Mobile App to Plan Your Next Adventure
EngazeWell – Mobile App
Little Tales – A Web App for Writers
Patient Mobile App
Responsive app for Sencha Theming Contest
Little Tales-Mobile App
Asset Management – Mobile App
Axis Bank-Mobile App Redesign


Co-founder & MD

Alok is a visionary leader, a great listener, and an action-oriented person led by the belief that “a winning customer helps you win as well.” His avid reading habit is contagious and has got his entire team hooked on to learn more about the latest industry trends, insights, personality development and thought leadership approach in technology. An IIT Delhi Alumni, the culture of giving back to the community is deeply ingrained in the Walking Tree Family under his leadership.

Co-founder & Director

Pradeep is a thought leader with over two decades of experience in handling Global Business, Technology Delivery, Customer Service, Global Technology Market, Building Efficient Teams and Business, and Large-Scale Project Execution. A versatile entrepreneur, Pradeep is convinced that having a bigger picture helps organizations and people scale. His experience and insights into the global business community have been a driving force for the organization over the years. A trailblazer in the global data management community, he is also a partner of DAMA International dedicated to advance the best industry practices.

Vice President Engineering

Suman is a go-to leader for almost everything that falls under the “Digital Transformation” journey. In the last 10+ years at Walking Tree, he has built high performing teams for serving the international clientele while executing the most complex projects using cutting-edge technology. A learner at heart, he is on a neverending quest to learn and educate the team. He is driven by empathy is a true inspiration for one and all in the company. Suman is always focused on moving forward while creating groundbreaking solutions alongside a versatile team of experts.

Senior Technical Leader

Starting his journey about a decade ago with Walking Tree, Ranjit has grown from strength to strength. He leads from the front when handling global clients from varied industries, and takes a keen interest in mentoring and training his team. His incredible commitment to delivering the best and accomplishments in the overall development lifecycle is a force to reckon with. is core expertise lies in web and mobile technologies like Javascript, Ext JS, React.js, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cordova, and Java/J2EE. Ranjit believes that any project is not complete unless it is “Excellent.”

Phani Kiran
Sr Technology Leader

Starting his career at Walking Tree 10 years ago, Phani’s passion to explore new possibilities on a global scale has been a driving force to the company. He is moving full steam ahead with Sencha ExtJs, Angular, Java/J2EE, Spring Boot, Microservices, Node.JS, JavaScript, Cordova, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Flutter, Vue.js, Native Script, and AWS Cloud Computing. Phani is also part of the technical evaluation team by Sencha for Sencha Select PartnerShip for WalkingTree. As a senior technical lead, personal mentoring to the young and dynamic team members is one of his passions

Arun Kumar
Sr Technology Leader

Arun has beautifully carved his niche in Ext JS and Angular while keeping up with the trending tech stack such as Java/Java EE, Node JS, Adempiere, PostgreSQL, Oracle. He started his journey at Walking Tree 10 years ago and has been instrumental in driving the company forward. Trekking is one of his hobbies and his passion for trekking is also reflected in the way he has scaled up in multiple niche technologies and handled critical projects for our global clientele.

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