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About Us

At WalkingTree Technologies, a pioneering IT services company specializing in digital and data solutions, we collaborate with our clients to shape and execute their data and digital strategies, unlocking their full potential.

Our core strengths in Product Engineering, Digital Transformation, and Modernization create a lasting competitive advantage for our clients. We champion Quality & DevOps, committed to integrating agile practices and automation for scalable, robust, and secure solutions. Our expertise extends to Data Analytics and Advanced Analytics, where we leverage Generative AI, Machine Learning, and AI to provide profound, data-centric insights.

We strive to elevate your technological framework across web, mobile, cloud, and beyond. We seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technologies like Generative AI, NLP, and predictive analytics, all executed with agile finesse to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Our accomplishments and accolades that give us an edge in the market include:

50 Best Indian Founded Companies.

– The Silicon Review


Our Services

Our human-centric approach helps us create functional designs for a great User Experience that are scalable, modern, cost-efficient, and innovative. Our major focus is to curb technical and market risks for products in the software development lifecycle.
We build apps for Mobile implementation, Modern-day Web operations, and even revitalize Legacy systems to create seamless value. In order to establish this, we build the customers’ trust through uncompromised quality, performance, and consistency.
We enable the core functions of organizations with our end-to-end cloud services that are multi-platform enabled. We understand that the cloud is the core of any multi-functional enterprise solution and thus bring in reliability and new capabilities into the cloud infrastructure.

Our Process

Ideation & Scoping
In the Ideation and Scoping stage, we take care of Requirement Documentation, UX Design, UI/UX Design Review, Architecture Design and implementation, Finalization of the Technology Stack, Preparation of User Stories, Estimation of Story Points, Planning and Scheduling of events/processes, and Quality Assessment.
Design & Development
During the Design & Development phase, we take care of Low-Level Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Code Checking, Peer-Review, Integration Testing, Formal Code Review, Merge to Master & Deploy, Demo to QA, Test Case Review, Release Note documentation, and Quality Assurance.
Quality Analysis
This important phase involves the full-circle implementation processes in quality assurance like Test Case Preparation, Creating / Modifying the Automation Script, Test Case Execution, Bug Creation, Regression Testing, Creating / Updating User Stories, Release Approval, Deploy to UAT, Sanity Testing & Share Release Notes, and the Final Demo to Customers.
User Acceptance Testing
In the User Acceptance Testing stage, we handle the Review Issue created by the Customer, Categorize Issues as CR or Bug, Kick-off the CR Process for Change Request, Reproduce Bug(s), Document Steps for the Production, Design & Development of code, perform Quality Analysis, and execute the Review and Closure by the Customer.
Production Release
In this stage, we Create a Separate Code Branch, prepare and review the Release Plan, share the Release Plan with all the Stakeholders, deploy to Production, perform Sanity Testing, implement the Go-live, announce Success, execute performance monitoring for the Agreed period, and finally complete the Handover to DevOps.
Support & Maintenance
In the Support & Maintenance stage, we take care of Preventive Maintenance & Continuous Improvement, Review Issues Created by Customers, Categorize Issues such as CR or Bug, Kick-off the CR process for Change Request, Document the Steps in Production, Design & Development, Quality Analysis, Root cause Analysis, User Acceptance Testing, and Production Release.
In the DevOps stage, we perform the unit test automation, end-to-end test automation, build automation, deployment automation, release approval based on the code coverage, and relay of the deliverable to production.


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