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Redefine App Development With Flutter’s Platform-optimised Native Capabilities

Create platform-specific user experience across iOS, Android, web, and desktop through natively compiled Flutter modules

How Flutter works

Flutter unlike other cross-platform frameworks doesn’t need to connect native UI components and instead, it comes loaded with a rich repository of UI widgets for addressing diverse device and platform-specific and event-specific interactions. Dart, the core programming language of Flutter offers asynchronous capabilities which combined with the manipulation of device canvases facilitates seamless rendering of diverse platform-specific APIs.

Enabling and ensuring accelerated and high-quality software delivery

Enable faster collaboration, automate processes, and implement best practices to deliver high-quality software that gives your business a competitive edge.

From ideation to delivery to updates, we connect all the dots in product lifecycle management

Flutter consulting services

Since every app follows unique business objectives, our Flutter experts with their extensive domain knowledge will help you set the right trajectory, architecture, design language, deliverable features, and incremental update plan for your Flutter app project. 

Custom Flutter App Development

Instead of run-of-the-mill apps, we focus on crafting tailored-fit and highly solution-focused apps by leveraging the modular UI widgets and component libraries of Flutter bringing your brand aesthetics and value propositions to the forefront.

Flutter App UI/UX Design

We leverage the versatile Flutter widgets to create apps that instantly grab attention and stand out from the competition through exceptional visual flair, ease of interactions and lean breathable design language. With Flutter we build your unique digital brand identity through app UI/UX.

Cross-platform development

Through Flutter we help you highly platform-specific native user experience by using the same codebase across web, desktop, iOS and Android platforms. We leverage Flutter for maximum code reusability without undermining native user experience. 

How do we add value to your enterprise mobility offerings through Flutter?

Scalable & Robust Apps

We leverage fast-paced rendering and modularity to build robust, enterprise-grade, and scalable apps allowing seamless enhancements and value additions over time. 


Whether it is a small-budget startup app or a large, feature-rich, and multilayered app project, through Flutter we help you achieve optimum cost efficiency irrespective of the engagement model.

Equipped for Business Conversion

Access to rich component and widget repositories and modular architecture of Flutter allows us to align every app UI with the business conversion and user engagement parameters.

App Footprints Across Platforms

To shape your digital footprints across platforms Flutter allows us to extend traditional cross-platform mobile development approach to web and desktop as well.

Native User Experience

Flutter’s high-performance rendering engine and efficient widget system ensure that your mobile application delivers native-like performance on both platforms, providing your customers with a seamless experience.

Fast-paced Development Cycle

Thanks to optimum code reusability, modular architecture and integrated testing tools we can leverage Flutter for faster build time and deployment.

Customizable & Modular UI

Apart from leveraging natively-compiled widget repositories of Flutter we also create custom-designed widgets ensuring a more tailored-fit user interface. 

Low Maintenance Load

Because of the component-based modular architecture and streamlined integration and development through CI/CD pipelines, the app requires less maintenance.

Quick & Flexible Iterations

The customizable UI repositories coupled with CI/CD pipelines permits us to allow frequent iterations throughout the development cycle.

Paving the Steps for A Successful App:

Our Flutter Development Process


With inputs from our clients, refine, restructure and reorganize the core concept and add more value to come up with a unique, market-feasible and future-ready app idea.


We send a well-articulated proposal for the project with every specifications, requirements, constraints and cost factors elaborated in detail.

PoC Design

Based upon our agreement on the proposal and subsequent discussions, we create an initial design prototype as the Proof of Concept (PoC) of the app


At the delivery state our QA engineers subject the app under stringent test cycles covering user testing, load and performance testing, security testing, to name a few.


As soon the PoC prototype is finalized and minor differences are sorted out, we dedicate a team of expert Flutter UI experts and developers to develop the app from scratch.

Why WalkingTree for Flutter App Development?

Skills & Exposure

Our Flutter developers bring you the lethal combination of coding skills and their experience across diverse niche app projects.

Flutter and Beyond

Our Flutter developers are versatile to use this frontend library with a variety of advanced technology stacks based upon your app project.

Domain Expertise

With us you get the edge of domain-specific expertise to tailor your Flutter app experience as per target audience

Timeline Adherence

Thanks to meticulous planning, irrespective of the project size and niche we adhere to strict project deadlines and milestones.

End-to-end Support

We commit to long-term partnership that goes way beyond the product launch and ensure maintenance and updates throughout the product life cycle.

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