By WalkingTree   November 09,  2020

How DevOps is a gamechanger in Financial Services

DevOps is being adopted by almost all software powered companies nowadays. However, the finance industry has been a tad bit slow in this progress because of various issues relating to security, compliance, and governance. But with the rise of Digital Transformation, the finance industry is currently leading it. 

Why DevOps is necessary for the finance industry?

High customer engagement and continuous transactions make the finance industry one of the busiest and require uninterrupted infrastructure. DevOps structure helps to develop faster, fail fast, and learn fast in order to fulfill customer expectations and deliver features faster to market.

What are the challenges? 

  • Restrictions on secured networks
  • Full lifecycle governance 
  • Strong ACLs models

Note – Security and compliance are the top concerns in a financial company, and DevOps is viewed as a risk factor to security.

According to a recent survey, financial services have recorded the highest DevOps adoption in 2020 compared to other industries. About 20% of financial companies have adopted DevOps, whereas other industries were at about 18%. 

As DevOps is continuing to evolve, it will continue to be of interest to many senior managers across financial services. But security and compliance barriers are slowing the innovation in financial companies. Organizations should start small and should give security a high priority, first start by using continuous integration and then add continuous delivery and deployment using the available tools in the market.

Many major banks in the United States, Italy, and Britain are actively using DevOps in their day to day activities. Read on to know more about the best practices of DevOps in the finance industry.


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