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Call a parameterized prpt from xaction

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Problem Statement :

Does xaction allow me to pass a parameter from the front end, just how my prpt does? Yes, xaction allows you to pass a parameter to prpt, in addition to this, xaction support beautification(Javascript), hints, notification dialogue box for end-users.

Scope of this Article:

This article covers steps to pass parameters from xaction to Pentaho report


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Pentaho Design Studio 4.0 (EE, CE)

UseCase :-

Consider our report has dateStart as a parameter and we  need to pass the value to prpt by xaction


  • My prpt has dateStart as a parameter . so, Add dateStart as input with the default value, fill process input details as specified in the below screenshot

  • Under process action tab, Add dateStart   in  prompt filter (output type ) as shown in the screenshot , the prompt style would be “Text Box”

  • Add dateStart as input parameter at Pentaho report step. ( Please Click to call a prpt report from xaction )

  • Save, refresh puc and execute xaction., you can find the following snapshot in the browser.You can find data start ,here  for my test I am passing  ‘2004-10-14’ , I got all the records of which are ordered on ‘2004-10-04’


This article helps you to understand in detail, how to pass the parameter to prpt reports through xaction.

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