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OpenShift Demystified:
Exploring the Container Ecosystem

Our insights pertaining to Red Hat OpenShift: to develop, deploy, and manage container-based applications.

Red Hat’s OpenShift is an effective containerization platform, helping organizations underpin IT advancement by providing a Linux foundation; setting up Linux as their main operating system for containers.

OpenShift-vs-Kubernetes (1)

Both OpenShift and Kubernetes are open-source platforms that help application development and container orchestration. OpenShift, being built on top of Kubernetes, includes all of its main components.

Red Hat OpenShift is emerging as one of the best cloud-native development platform. This webinar will help you learn the basics of OpenShift container architecture and application deployment.

Build next-gen applications with Red Hat OpenShift

End-to-end Platform

  • Consistent and secure hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications.
  • Ensuring the enterprises benefit from streamlined platform installations.
  • Security focused updates from Red Hat.

Application On-Boarding

  • Benefits of increased development speed and scalability. 
  • Enabling organizations to split up applications into easily distributed and flexible objects. 
  • Empowering developers to innovate and deliver applications quicker.

API Management

  • Hosted and managed API management service.
  • Building microservices-based applications so they can modernize existing systems. 
  • Increased developer productivity and faster delivery of new applications.

OpenShift Data Foundation

  • Use of dynamic, stateful, and highly available container-native storage.
  • Easy cross-cloud data placement.
  • Access, along with hybrid and multicloud data protection for enterprise applications.

OpenShift Data Science Service

  • Data science platforms supported by Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Offering a fully supported sandbox to rapidly develop, train, and test machine learning (ML) models in the public cloud before deploying in production.

Implementation Solutions

  • Emphasis on provisioning.
  • Configuration of OpenShift cluster with cluster sizing, capacity planning, and storage. 
  • Monitoring Configure platform operations, including security, backup, performance, logging, and metrics.

Why choose WalkingTree

Intelligent observability

Intelligent observability

Advancing observability with contextual information, automation, and artificial intelligence.

Continuous automation

Continuous automation

Effortless deployment, automatic dependency mapping and continuous auto-discovery with precise and dynamic architectures



Automatically processing billions of dependencies to serve up precise answers for deeper insights.

User experience & analytics

User experience & analytics

Enhanced user experiences and omni-channel support with best-in-class digital experience monitoring.

Red Hat OpenShift for containerizing your applications
with ease

The Openshift Primer: Deploy, build, manage, and migrate applications!

Download the ebook to cover the reasons for fully deploying an application in Openshift.

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