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A top IoT consulting company was looking for an effective way to guarantee user satisfaction by taking their Asset Management solution to the next level. The customer was looking for a company with UX, Web Application development, and IoT Dashboard expertise to help them in realizing their business goal. They were looking for the following in particular:

  • A Pixel-perfect Dashboard design
  • A Flawless feature implementation
  • A Performant application that matched up to their Asset Management needs
  • A Scalable architecture offering future proofing


Being a specialized full-service technology solutions provider, the customer’s global presence is led by their Business and Technology Consulting capabilities. They infuse technology with domain, data, design, and differentiated delivery to significantly enhance product experience and efficiency while providing their clients with the liberty to differentiate and disrupt their business.

The company is powered by a growing portfolio of specialized solutions that address critical business challenges, including Industry 4.0 solutions (PLM, IoT, and Embedded), Customer Value Management, Loyalty, Trade Marketing & Distribution, Supply Chain Optimization, Data Engineering and Analytics, Digital Banking solutions, and Digital Agriculture solutions.


The customer had developed an initial Dashboard solution using Sencha Ext JS & a premium IoT Platform library. However, that did not meet their Asset Management UI expectations. The look and feel, and the performance deviated from the expected outcomes. Even the output across platforms was not consistent. They were looking for cross-platform, pixel-perfect presentations that had flawless features.

They were finding it extremely difficult to scale their solution architecture and design. Any new change impacted the architecture, design, implementation, review, and QA greatly and needed more efforts. This was limiting their Time-to-Market capability and they wanted a timely workaround.

The Asset Management solution had specific performance requirements that ensured that the asset tracking, monitoring, and management happened on time with little or no downtime. The customer had performance issues with their current solution where the overall usability of the application was diminishing.


With our comprehensive expertise in Sencha and our experience as service partners, we were delighted to take up this challenge and help the customer achieve their ultimate goal. An expert team of architects and senior UI Consultants was deployed to help the customer.

Well versed in UX, Web development with Sencha Ext JS, and IoT Dashboards (with the expertise of developing large scale IoT enterprise applications with our own Open Source IoT Dashboard – Arbela), the team understood the expectations and challenges quickly and hit the right chords in getting the process started.

Architecture and design were reviewed to nail down the impending issues and a new architecture was set in place as per the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). Also, the design was remodelled in order to achieve high scalability, making it easier for additional features to fit into the solution easily.

With this remodelled architecture and implementing Best Practices of UI Development, we helped the customer with a development framework that facilitated an easier understanding of the application code and process flow.

The team took the SASS-based theming and used the best practices in Sencha Ext JS to create a reusable theme. The theme was used in the application to achieve the expected pixel-perfect rendering on different platforms. It simplified the process of styling the application and also reduced the styling time considerably.

With the new architecture, design, and choice of the right feature UI components, the team put together a performant application that exceeded users expectations. Our team also applied responsive design aspects to make the best use of a browser’s capabilities on different devices.


We revolutionized the Asset Management dashboard solution by applying the best practices from UX, Web application development, and IoT Dashboard skills.

This implementation has enabled the customer in delivering a large-scale, IoT-enabled, Asset management product which looked impossible initially. This was established within the proposed time-frame while helping the customer meet their product release commitments gracefully.

Customers affirm that leveraging WalkingTree’s technical expertise has helped them in meeting state-of-the-art branding standards and styling norms while reducing the maintenance (feature UI enhancements) time by 40%.

Walking Tree adds another customer to its ever-growing list of happy customers.

Here are some testimonials from our customers which speak for themselves on our expertise, our value-addition to consulting, and our commitment to success.

“WalkingTree has developed a very good product on Ext JS in a very short span of time”

“They have put a solid/robust framework of Application development on Ext JS which makes the applications scalable, thus, enabling easy to do enhancements/customizations quicker turnaround time on issue resolution helping us deliver more issue fixes.”

“Were flexible with changes in the schedule, changes in the requirement and really liked the way they went out of their way in helping us fixing cross-browser issues.”

“WalkingTree’s prior expertise on working with IoT Dashboards came in handy as their team was able to whip up few awesome looking and feature-rich dashboards with great finesse.”

“To summarize – It was a fantastic experience working with WalkingTree as a preferred Enterprise development partner.”

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