By WalkingTree   October 20,  2020

The 3 qualities of a great product

According to the Kano model, there are three main qualities that make a great product. Each of these three qualities shows the response we can observe in users to the way a product behaves. If one of these qualities is neglected, the risk of creating a poor product or design arises, which is not likely to be profitable. The Kano model suggests that there is a way to map out the investment put into product features against customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at those 3 qualities to understand this theory in a better way:

  • Threshold Qualities – The Basics

Threshold qualities are the features that are expected in a product. They are the must-be features that make the product functional. Without these features, the product would simply be incomplete. If this product is introduced to people without examining these features, it may not be possible to enter the market. Let’s take an example of an eCommerce app here. If the feature to make an online payment with a debit or credit card is missing, it’ll frustrate customers. The absence of these basic features will fail the product.

  • Performance Qualities – More is better

Performance qualities are features that are described as one-dimensional because these features tend to focus on to drive performance-related results. The presence of a feature with a performance quality has already been determined to have a direct positive impact on the users. Giving an option to filter products by price, color, material, or size is a great option to satisfy users. 

  • Excitement Qualities – Delighters

This is often described as unique selling propositions. Excitement qualities are the features that give the greatest opportunity to innovate and create a highly competitive product offering. They are the things that delight the user. Customers experiencing these features didn’t even know that they wanted it until they experienced it. The ability to scan a picture or a code within an app and it automatically shows the most similar looking products is a great selling proposition. 

Read on to know more about the Kano model.


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