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Drinking water is soon becoming a scarce resource in many areas. Both the utilization of water and wastewater outlets are of major ecological and economic concern in many countries. Consumption and discharge may be considerably minimized by reusing our water resources.

We designed a simple solution that allows subject matter experts in their respective fields to optimize wastewater reuse, provide cleaning and hygiene solutions, and implement pre-treatment/filtration. This would create an opportunity for the development of our client’s business and in gaining a competitive advantage in the industry.


Our customer provides an entire spectrum of water treatment and recycles solutions and services. Ranging from traditional chemical treatment plants to wastewater and reuse, packaged membrane filtration plants, and the production of specialized cleaning chemicals, they provide services and products to a customer base of more than 2500 members around Australia.


This project is aimed at providing a highly customizable, full-featured ERP system to customers that is designed to increase profitability and give the Australian customers a competitive advantage in the industry.

The Requirements consisted of the following Key Capabilities:

  1. Sales
  2. Purchase
  3. Financial Management
  4. Role Based Access
  5. Financial Reporting


WalkingTree developed a solution using the ADempiere ERP Solution to build an application that saved a huge amount of time, money and resources for our client. The solution includes the following features –

  • A unique Login ID is assigned to the customer automatically during sign up
  • The client can use their credentials to get in-depth insights into the progress of their projects
  • Updates on Notices, Requests, Workflows and Activities, and Contracts to Expire can be tracked and monitored efficiently using this application
  • The client can manage their work status, contracts assigned etc. seamlessly
  • Ongoing Projects and New Projects can also be managed effectively without delays



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