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EngazeWell -Mobile App

Engazewell is often called DDO i.e the Data Driven Organization. The idea is to build a high-performance practice through quantitative employee engagement. Where the contribution of employees is rewarded in “Karma” points

Employees feel most engaged when their contributions are recognized and rewarded. Our philosophy of Karma makes it easier to quantitatively measure and reward the engagement.

What is Karma?

Karma is the quantitative measure of the effort, quality, and attitude displayed by an employee towards achieving aligned goals. For example, the quality of blogs written, the customer feedback, the deals cracked, etc result into certain measurable Karma.

The Benefits
  • See how well your employees are engaged and identify turnover risks.
  • Use simple and effective tools like To Do and Project Dashboard to manage work.
  • A perfect platform for employees to share their ideas and creativity at work.
  • No more closed door meetings to review performance.
Build Your Culture
Reward Creativity
Enhance Employee Performance
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