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Mask Detection App

Application that helps detect weather the mask is properly worn or not.


Basic model which detects whether an individual is wearing their face mask properly.

We helped them with:

  • Develop a Face Mask Detection app that is both an AI and an image analytics solution for Covid-19 violations.
  • The system’s alerts can be monitored and reviewed using a user-friendly interface.


Solution scope included:

  • Flutter and TensorFlow Lite were used to create the app.
  • Used deep learning to develop our face detector model.
  • Train a model to recognise, categorize and consume this in a flutter application once the training process is completed.
  • Using Google’s teachable machine trained the model to identify faces with or without masks and simplify the entire process of model training and data classification.
  • Application view enables the user to pick an image from the gallery or capture a new image from the camera. 


  • COVID-19 Prevention: Real-Time Implementation of AI-Based Face Mask Detection and reduce the chances of getting infected.
  • Face detection is aided by the pre-trained face detection model, which can identify faces even when they are partly covered by masks.
  • Extendable model which can be enhanced and trained to identify and flag multiple faces with or without proper masks in a given frame.
  • Interactive user-friendly interface


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