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Junior AIML Engineer

Job Status: In Active
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Agra
Total Openings: 1
Exp Level: 0-1

Job Description: We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated AI and ML Engineer with specialized expertise in OpenAI, Langchain, and prompt engineering. In this role, you will be instrumental in developing, fine-tuning, and deploying advanced AI models to drive innovation and address complex challenges within our organization.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Model Development: Design, develop, and fine-tune machine learning models with a focus on OpenAI technologies, including GPT-3, GPT-4, and OpenAI APIs.
  • Prompt Engineering: Implement prompt engineering techniques to optimize AI models for specific tasks and applications.
  • Langchain and Llama Proficiency: Leverage Langchain and Llama for the development of cutting-edge AI solutions.
  • Programming: Utilize Python for model development and deployment.
  • Model Evaluation: Assess and improve model performance through rigorous evaluation and iterative refinement.
  • Data Skills: Manipulate and preprocess data using pandas, NumPy, and create informative data visualizations.
  • Deployment: Deploy machine learning models in production environments, ensuring scalability and efficiency.


  • Experience:
    • Working experience of 2-5 years with at least 2 years experience in ML related projects
  • Technical Skills:
    • Strong programming skills in Python.
    • Proficiency in deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras.
    • Expertise in prompt engineering techniques.
  • OpenAI Expertise:
    • Specialized knowledge in OpenAI technologies, including GPT-3, GPT-4, and OpenAI APIs.
  • Langchain and Llama Skills:
    • Proficiency in Langchain and Llama for advanced AI solutions.
  • Data Handling:
    • Ability to work with large datasets and databases for model training.
  • Deployment Skills:
    • Experience in deploying machine learning models in production using containerization and cloud services.
  • Problem-Solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to tackle complex challenges.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills to collaborate with diverse teams.
  • Continuous Learning: Commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in AI and ML.
  • Previous work language models (e.g., GPT-3, GPT-4).

Join us to lead AI innovation with OpenAI, Langchain, prompt engineering, and cutting-edge language technologies.

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