By WalkingTree  June 01,  2021

Improving Quality Assurance For Smooth Operations

The bigger your app grows, the more QA resources are used for it. However, it’s not the number of resources you use; it’s the implementation of proper strategies to scale the right QA operations. In general, the industries have made leaps and bounds in software development processes, the testing process remains obsolete. 

Manual crunch through tests and bugs at the end of each development cycle results in a wastage of both time and energy. Agile development is different from waterfall (older and rigid software development procedure). Quality Assurance is a systematic process that ensures excellence in product or service. But the QA processes are more similar to a waterfall method.

The Quality Assurance as Waterfall

QA testing in agile is a compressed version of the waterfall. While there is less testing required in agile development, the process could be a lot more effective. For instance, any delay in the system can impact the QA team even after a week. These types of delays compound to the point where your team would be extremely far ahead while QA is still trying to catch up.

How To Manage QA For Better Results

Managing quality assurance might not always be smooth. Here are few points to focus on while building an efficient QA for your organization:

  • Concept

In this stage, the test engineers thoroughly understand and define what success means to the product owner. The focus of your team should be – figuring out the answer and corresponding key metrics.

  • Mocks and designs

This stage occurs usually on day one (early in the sprint) when the feature has already been defined a bit more clearly. The test engineer contributes as a team member while identifying different user-profiles and various ways the app can be used. The most crucial task is to grasp the feature as a whole.

  • Tickets

Tickets make the feature more real. As your team will work on the feature and resolve tickets, test engineers will build small tests to ensure that the feature is built properly.


To make your development process smarter and to lead better software, you need efficient quality assurance. Read on to learn more about the steps involved in building more agile QA.

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