By WalkingTree   November 05,  2020

How to secure your Fintech Application

Fintech applications are at the highest risk of security breaches. Hackers just need an opportunity to invade. And hence security is given an utmost priority in Financial applications. There are certain steps that can be adopted for securing Fintech applications and protecting customer data. Let’s take a look at it: 

Hire software engineers – Try hiring software engineers instead of security engineers. Many organizations do not have enough resources to hire security engineers. It is essential to build security into the engineering team. Software engineers already know how to create fixes and operate at scale, which is critical for an organization.   

Compliance should be approached as an engineering problem – One of the challenges of financial companies to be adhering to governance and compliance requirements. One of the main reasons is the lack of automation and solutions that scale. Fintech companies address compliance questions using paper documentation. These methods are not scalable and not sustainable for growing organizations. And hence, compliance and governance viewed through an engineering lens are a better option. Automation and new tools can be used to address the issues. 

Proacive security – Fintech engineering teams are thinking about compliance and security in a proactive way. Some companies are following a method of leaning into security and do right before the company is asked to do so. 

Read on to know more about securing Fintech applications.


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