By WalkingTree   November 26,  2020

How the Cloud is transforming software development

SaaS is used in many applications across various industries, from finance to manufacturing. There are several ways in which cloud-native computing changes the development, deployment, and operations approach of the typical software application or product. Let’s take a look at how the cloud is changing software product development. 

Computing – Products are now built as lightweight & autonomous containers with all the required services built into the containers and then deployed as microservices. 

Storage – The cloud offers different types of scalable storage, such as object store, file store, and network file system. 

Technologies – The cloud offers multiple development environments where each service can be built using the best-in-class technologies and frameworks which is well suited for the functionalities. 

Database – Instead of using a single relational database management system, cloud-native applications use multiple types of purpose-built databases suitable for specific functionalities. Developers can use these databases for storing, managing, and extracting data. 

Security – Security is a shared responsibility in a cloud-native environment. While application logic must be secured by developers, cloud-native services used by developers need to be secured by the cloud provider itself. 

Read on to know more about Cloud and how it is transforming software development.


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