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25 Fintech startups to watch in 2018 – 2019 (infographic)

Fintech is rapidly expanding with technology advancements almost in real-time. This made us come up with the another version of fintech startup infographic of  our Blockchain viral infographic, ‘Blockchain startups to watch in 2018-2019.

Countries like India witnessed a quantum increase in digital transactions over the previous years. Many Fintech start-ups have introduced innovative solutions targeting the unbanked segment with digital wallets and have expanded their platform-level use cases. We believe that the following will have a decisive influence on the sector for the Year 2018-19.

  • Security has been an everlasting concern with all the players having significant investments in Blockchain technology to make their platforms more secure.  
  • Decentralized digital currencies are on the rise with challenging concerns for the Regulators.
  • Peer-to-peer lending has a strong potential, albeit the weak growth in 2017, as banks are enforcing systems to understand and track customer level FICO scores to protect from bad debts/ NPAs.

Following is the list of startups that we think have the abilities to change the way money flows in 2018 - 2019




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