By WalkingTree   October 27,  2020

Digital Transformation, DevOps, Automation The needs for a Contactless Enterprise

Software delivery now laser-focused on supporting ‘contactless enterprises’

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many issues for almost everybody, but for software development teams, it led to focusing more on what the business needs and delivering the end product as fast as possible. Organizations have shifted to support a ‘contactless’ enterprise, with more concentration on digital transformation, DevOps, and automation.

A recent survey of more than 300 software professionals has revealed many interesting facts in regard to the current situation. 63% said that digital transformation objectives have significantly increased. Other priorities include automation (62%) and investment in contactless services (60%). The pandemic also increased the importance of other priorities such as DevOps. 52% of respondents say they increased their focus on DevOps and 52% increased their progress on migration to the cloud. 

The Covid crisis has also impacted software team productivity. 59% said their software teams are more productive than the pre-pandemic period. Also, 43% of respondents said it has become somewhat easier to complete their work tasks. The survey also looked at the impact on the state of software delivery. 67% report that they have been able to prioritize the development of features based on business impact. And, 63% are planning to promote the value of new features to end-users.

With all these positive points, there were some drawbacks as well. 65% are unable to cover the cost of delays in feature deliveries. 50% reported they cannot measure the costs of defects found after a release. Read on to know more about this survey.


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