Fashion commerce company that manufactures and markets apparel

Social commerce clothing brand supported by a network of independent personal stylists


Globally source the highest quality materials possible and producing across multiple continents. 

We helped them with:

  • Extracted 10 years legacy data through API’s and processed it for further use.
  • Built a Data Pipeline. ETL solutions  provided to client and stored the data into Amazon Redshift.
  • Enabled data for easy Analytics and Visualization.


Solution scope included:

  • Data was extracted using Celigo tool. Proposed AWS Glue for ETL activities and data was loaded into AWS Redshift.
  • Daily scheduler runs using Celigo and GLUE to extract and update records on Periodic basis.
  • For Project Management Confluence was used.
  • Source data will be extracted using Celigo and loaded into AWS S3 Raw data zone
  • AWS native component Glue is used to perform all ETL tasks and processed data will be loaded into Redshift.


  • Processed the data and and loaded into Redshift.
  • Easily manage data from single database regardless of type, frequency or volume.
  • Intelligent Reports and Dashboards help compare year over year sales, net sales, collection and examine how consumers spend their money. Easily determine most profitable region and source of underperforming outlets, among other things.


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