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A generic billing system

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Walking tree has strong experience in developing Billing Software. After developing billing for Telecom (Prepaid as well as postpaid), Trading and Cargo & Logistic management, Walking tree has developed a billing system which suits any business.
In any application involving billing, you will have three scenarios
1) You have all the components tightly integrated
2) You have all the components completely distributed
3) You have some of the systems integrated and others distributed

iBilling works for all these scenarios and more. The distributed compnents can communicate synchronously as well as asynchronously.

In addition, iBilling provides you a lot of flexibility by allowing you to configure the processes (components) that you want to be billed. You can do following:
1) Decide whether you want to store details about specific billed process or not
2) Allows you to categorize the bill details coming from a process as charge or financial transactions
3) You can decide about the billing order of the processes and their display order

Finally, it also allows you a way to integrate the system with the collections. Based on the billing activities, you can implement your own collection (treatment schedule) mechanism.

Overall, Walking tree has developed a billing system, which is gonna suit everyone. As a proof of concept — this has been used in their health care information system, where Walking Tree is having components like:


  • Beds & OT usage
  • Blood bank
  • Laboratory Management (SmartLab)
  • Accounting
  • Pharmacy
  • Diet

Finally, what is interesting about iBilling is that it is platform independent and if you are using this in the web applications then you can also expect browser independence.

And, did I mention, that KabOta is also integrated with this billing system? Oh yes, reporting and analysis has become really interesting.

So, what are you looking for?

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