By WalkingTree  January 07,  2021

6 UI design trends for 2021

New trends for UI/UX appear every year. There is no point in trying out the trends and best practices from 2019 or even 2020. What you need is to know the trends that are likely to gain ground in 2021. Let’s take a look at some UI design trends for the year 2021. 

3D illustrations – 3D imagery is here to stay as it is easier for regular UI designers to actually create something in 3D. The new 3D tool called Spline (currently in beta) is something to look out for. 3D is also being widely used in full-screen animations. 

Glassmorphism – Glassmorphism is the newest trend in UI, which is mostly used to create a background blur, and it creates that “through the glass” look. It was first introduced in Windows Vista, then later in iOS7, however, it is being used in various other forms. 

Vivid colors – Colorful splashes on websites and mobile designs are commonly seen nowadays. Take Instagram for example, where the vivid colors create a magical vibe there. One advantage of using vivid colors is that it’s easier to differentiate and remember a product. 

Blurred and colorful backgrounds – This is similar to glassmorphism but mixed with some vivid colors. Blurred and colorful backgrounds are more presentable and pleasurable to look at. 

Aesthetics – This is one of the most trending UI designs. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing, than a minimal and readable UI. Websites don’t need a fancy UI, or any kinds of “wow effects” to make it look absolutely astounding. 

Big and sophisticated typography – Big and bold typography plays a vital role in the design of a product. Some apps are entirely based on typography and the result is often interesting. 

Read on to know more about the latest trends in UI design for 2021.


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