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Real estate property management


A Real-Estate company, for infrastructure activity work for companies like steel, concrete, corporate project, retail project etc.

We helped them with:

  • Incorporated best practices to freeze the requirements gathered.
  • Upgrading & integrating existing static website with all data to Episerver CMS-based solution.
  • Design site with adaptive display size, managing site content, and approved through various level for auditing & authenticity of data.


Solution scope included:

  • After each deployment user acceptance testing was conducted and outcome from rollout was applied to the subsequent rollouts to achieve better CX. 
  • Adopted agile methodology for Lean Development, and Feature Driven Development (FDD) for complete implementation process. 
  • In order to lower the risk and minimize defect density, the soluti]on was developed and tested on internal WalkingTree server.
  • Automation of various activity.


  • Moved to new systems efficiently which ensures uninterrupted service to the end user.
  • Maintains process of approving web site content at various level which reduce chances of miscommunication.
  • Auditing and versioning of the site content for reviewing and publishing. Automatic publishing activity based on time.
  • Enterprise level of search, so that users can search any free text quickly.
  • Good user experience and high traffic to site.


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