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Before and After DevOps

Before DevOps came into the picture, software companies were following the ‘Waterfall’ model that worked well for many projects in the industry, yet it has its own set of drawbacks. However, in today’s fast-paced digital world with the approach, enterprises found that deliveries are delayed due to frequently changing day-to-day requirements, which lead to collaboration issues between development and operations teams which ultimately affected overall productivity. And from that’s where the emerging thought of the need for a change in approach led to the formation of DevOps philosophy.

However, when DevOps came into the picture, it completely changed the concept of software development. DevOps practices have united the Development and Operations teams successfully and also helped in continuous business planning. Organizations have completely evolved ever since. We have compared the pre DevOps phase and the post DevOps implementation in our infographic down below.

Before Vs After Devops - Infographic

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