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Your favourite HTML5 powered framework for enterprise web application development

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Now people are not debating about HTML5 + Javascript VS Traditional / Native / Compiled approach. We all know the impact these two friends with CSS 3 have on our life. However, this has also enabled many companies / developers to throw many options for the fellow developers and business owners to leverage their work and help end customers in having better user experience at reasonably lower development cost.

In this poll I am listing out some of the popular framework and I would like you to indicate the framework of your choice.

While voting, please do consider following

  • The framework should enable developers to develop HTML 5 powered single page enterprise web application
  • The web application is not a proof of concept or win-the-funding kind of application
  • The ongoing development and maintenance cost should be low
  • Software developers are often costly 🙁

[polldaddy poll=8516021]

Thank you again for your participation. Your vote will help businesses take an informed decision. We do understand that selecting right technology upfront is very important for the success of an application.

At Walking Tree we love developing amazing web application based on HTML 5 standard. We would love to hear from you and help you take advantage of the web technologies. Do contact us using below form:

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While we are waiting for more people to participate in this poll, I am sure you would be interested in below article, which talks about the state of javascript in 2015:

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