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WalkingTree's, no-code automation platform helps business and IT users to automate repetitive operations enables business automation more quickly. For quicker results at a lesser cost and with fewer specialized resources than typical automation methods.

Fast Implementation and Quick Results

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Our automated platform allows you to execute tests at many levels, such as application, suite, and test case levels, across diverse testing environments.



Simple to grasp

Tests and processes may be automated in minutes or hours, not days,
thanks to the shortest adoption time on the market.

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Expense reduction

Built-in reusability, that lowers the maintenance costs on your
QA and development teams, resulting in fewer bottlenecks in the
automated process.

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Minimize project timeframes, mitigate risk, and boost efficiency

Automate testing activities across the software development lifecycle effortlessly.

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Functional Testing

Use AI-powered functional test automation in a continuous delivery pipeline to test earlier and quicker on every browser, mobile device, operating system, or form factor, in the cloud or on-premises. 


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Regression Testing

The click-and-go interface makes regression testing simple for non-technical users, yet the functions are sophisticated enough for automation professionals with a full IDE and also helps with sanity checks.


Performance Testing

Our platform is designed to maintain business-essential applications’ dependability, responsiveness, consistent performance, and steady system behavior. Performance engineering is also integrated into your CI/CD workflow to identify bottlenecks early in the SDLC.


Load Testing

Ensure the app is responsive and dependable enough to handle peak load during special days as well as future events like product releases, acquisitions, new clients, regulatory changes, and continued corporate expansion while improving customer experience.  


Security Testing

Our platform offers a variety of security tests to assist your company in testing its products. Easily enable your organization to prevent intrusion by finding vulnerabilities in advance using insider testing, outside tests, and application tests.


Continuous frictionless testing

Improve testing by integrating and collaborating throughout the lifecycle. Accelerate development and testing in any development environment and discipline with comprehensive product integrations.

Increase efficiency with trusted automation

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AWS Cloud Infrastructure

AWS cloud infrastructure is cost-effective, versatile, and scalable, with excellent availability and security. A pay-as-you-go strategy requires no long-term commitment.

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Test Reports

Rich and useful test reports are generated as a single-page, self-contained HTML summary report that includes an overview of the test findings as well as a breakdown of the test statuses.

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Multi-Platform Testing

We ensure smooth performance for all end-users, test across various operating systems, devices, and browsers.


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