We empower your CI/CD processes by creating the right work environment for software QA and software operations teams to work together.  

QAOps, like DevOps, solidifies the claim that working in silos is counterproductive. It is our belief that QAOps is going to revolutionize how businesses function. WalkingTree can help you integrate QAOps practices and thus, Improving your speed of delivery, bring in better quality, and encourage a collaborative work environment.

Moreover, we help our clients identify teams that are working in silos and empower them. In this way, they can contribute to building a unified workforce. A unified workforce eliminates redundancies and helps in building an effective CI/CD pipeline

Our Methodology

Automated Testing

Automation testing to speed up repetitive testing tasks & keep pace with the delivery cycles.

Parallel Testing

Reduce your test times by implementing parallel testing for multiple components at the same time.

Test scalability

Our scalability testing helps measure the product’s capability to scale to increased data volume, user traffic, transactions, and other changes.

QA integration

Adopt an integrated QA approach for continuous improvement with CI/CD pipeline. 

We Empower Testing


Exploratory Testing

Running applications through unexpected scenarios to ensure they perform without any glitch


Regression Testing

Testing updates to ensure successful integration and also that the original program isn’t corrupt.


Geolocation Testing

Testing to ensure your programs function to perfection irrespective of the location.

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