Why Xamarin is one of the better cross-platform mobile development frameworks

Are you planning to build a cross-platform Android, iOS or Windows app? Many app developers face a tough decision when planning to build a new app; which development framework do I use? Before taking the plunge, it is best to look at the several features that the development framework has to offer. The developer may get used to the fact that app development is expensive and time-consuming. On the contrary to popular belief, Xamarin has changed the way in which apps are developed.

A Brief Look at Xamarin

Xamarin is a whole ecosystem of tools for developers to create apps for all platforms with just one technology stack – C# language running on the .Net framework. Xamarin apps are specially designed to work with multiple operating systems, database access, and network communication. The user interface is purposefully created separately to maintain the native look and the feel of each platform. As per the stats mentioned by Xamarin, more than 15,000 companies rely on Xamarin tools and there are several big industry leaders out there.

Why Choose Xamarin for App Development?

In the world of app development, there are three important components that are needed to create apps for all operating systems. Interestingly, Xamarin comes with all the 3 components i.e., C#, .Net and Visual Studio. Xamarin is equipped with robust emulators that suit various mobile platforms, and this is an important reason why many business organizations are relying on this cross-platform app development framework. Xamarin provides Several options for debugging with the freedom to crosscheck from the desktop, emulator, or directly on the device. Here are some of the noteworthy features of this framework that developers are enjoying.

  • Performance: The performance level of apps is highly competitive compared to hybrid or any other cross-platform development tools. Image loading is 14% faster when compared to other platforms, and image-saving speed is super-fast as well.
  • Development Speed: Xamarin comes with a library of templates that permits to use of standard interface elements. Developers enjoy when the inception to development speed is faster with Xamarin.
  • Sharable Code: Developers are equipped with the feature to write C# code that can run on cross-platforms. PCL (Portable Class Libraries), Shared Projects, .Net Standard Libraries facilitate code sharing. Adding more value to this feature, the Xamarin.forms framework makes it possible to share the same code on several other platforms.
  • Native UX: It is compatible with different operating systems and enables developers to achieve native look whether they develop the app for Android or iOS.
  • Open Source: Xamarin is an open-source free tool that comes with Microsoft’s development environment Visual Studio. It gives you the freedom to use built-in tools for manual customization along with an option to reuse the codes.
  • Resourceful: Developers can go in-depth if they want to understand how exactly the platform works. Xamarin is owned by Microsoft and the platform is focused on simplifying the cross-platform app development process.

Xamarin comes with a compilation of tools like Xamarin.mac, Xamarin.insights and Xamarin.testcloud. It gives you full freedom to create Mac Apps, analyze apps through Insights and run automated tests with the Xamarin test cloud.


Xamarin comes with a range of rich features. Coupled with an ever-growing community of developers, it has become a personal favourite of experienced and new developers alike when it comes to using a cross-platform development framework. The approach is as simple as write once run anywhere. You can skip the development stages during tight deadlines. The community is expected to receive a lot of application updates from Xamarin. Enterprises can adopt this framework because it doesn’t require native iOS and Andriod platforms. You can compile both on the same platform and this can then enter the market on a low budget with small teams. This tool can extend the app development to the next level and is easily accessible. Xamarin is designed to scale up and is open-source, and for many businesses, this cross-platform framework has become an obvious choice.

Why Xamarin with Walking Tree

Walking Tree Technologies is a certified Microsoft Silver Partner. Our resources are trained in the ecosystem of mobile app development with in-house capabilities to architect, design and test applications. Apps built by us have complete access to the full spectrum of platform-specific functionalities exposed by the underlying platform and device. We build enterprise-grade apps that leverage platform-specific hardware and deliver native app performance. Our experience in app development spans out in several different industries, countries, and client requirements. There are tons of possibilities with the Xamarin open-source app development framework and our team enjoys every bit of exploring and taking on a new set of challenges.

Talk to us today to know more about what Xamarin can achieve for your specific needs.


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