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Customer success

Leading Renewable Energy Firms

Walking Tree team developed a web-based  portal which allows end user to make the booking in hotels and resorts using points.

Powerful Influencer Marketing Portal

See how this influencer marketing platform using  Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to become an integral part of the total TV production/playout process and is shifting to provide tremendous value to broadcasters and content producers.

Spare Parts Repairing Company

WalkingTree helped this Repair and Service Provider increase operational efficiency and provided an extensible design that can easily integrate third-party apps.

Capitalize on our diversified capabilities of end-to-end product services

Application Development


Mobile Application

Enable your businesses to empower workforce, increase productivity, and provide better products to customers.


Web Application

We provide full-stack services to deliver solutions that solve real-life problems.


Cross Platform Application

At WalkingTree, we focus on cross-platform applications that are compatible with multiple operating systems.

Quality Assurance


Manual Testing

Our manual testing approach ensures flexible and scalable applications without any environment limitations.


Automated testing

Our Automated testing process is capable of executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results.


Device Testing

We believe in rigorous device testing giving quick access to platform updates and new devices/platforms to test against.


Virtual Testing

We conduct virtual tests to ensure whether or not your product will achieve the desired performance.

IT & Maintenance


Ongoing Support

We focus on providing timely and continuous support to meet your IT requirements without any delays.


Device Update

We offer software updates to improve device stability along with other additional benefits like user experience improvements and bug fixes.


OS Optimization

Our team performs the OS optimization for you to incorporate new features and functionalities into your products.


App Migration

Migrating apps from one data center to another, such as from on-premises server to a cloud provider’s environment without any hassle or extra-time. 



Publish in Store

Easily release version of your application, which users can download and install on their devices.


Deploy on Cloud

Deploy the application on a cloud infrastructure seamlessly and effortlessly.


Deploy on Premise

Deploy complex web applications and services on-premise and mold your business to unique offerings,.

Our product development services to execute against a common vision

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(.blog-post-image img { display: none; })
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This article explains how to enable a users to login to a mobile app with their Facebook credentials without manually signing up for the app. We also discuss accessing the basic user info from the Facebook server using Xamarin.Auth component.
Testing Sencha Applications using Sencha Test
This article gives you a quick overview of the layouts available in D3 and then it deep dives into the detailed explanation of D3 Layouts in ExtJS with TreeMap as a sample example.
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