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The Transformative Lens of Langsmith Evaluation Empowering TAP’s Test Automation Accuracy

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Each Large Language Model (LLM) is different and endowed with unique attributes. This uniqueness also poses distinct challenges for evaluating the performance of these LLMs. The evaluation of LLMs-based solutions is different from conventional metrics. This is where Langsmith emerged as the most dynamic platform for evaluating LLM-based solutions. The best thing about Langsmith is that it allows users to define custom evaluation metrics as per the objectives of the solution. 

We have used the testing infrastructure provided by Langsmith to validate and improvise our test automation accelerator called Test Automation Partner(TAP).

Test Automation Partner (TAP) as a test automation platform brings us a slew of advantages such as automating test scripts and test case generation, reusability of test scripts and test cases, aligning with the latest automation testing technologies like Cucumber, no platform lock-in, adherence to best test practices within the given enterprise and continuous testing approach. 

Through this blog, we will look at the key features of TAP and showcase how using CustomEvaluators of Langsmith we have been able to define custom evaluation metrics and measure the performance of solutions like TAP.

|A brief overview of TAP

Test Automation Partner (TAP) is a test automation script generation solution ensuring accelerated testing and QAh using the latest technologies and industry-acclaimed practices. Automated test scripts generation in the existing/standard test repository and manual test case generation from requirement documentation without any platform lock-in, make TAP one of the most versatile and flexible automation testing solutions.

Faster testing cycles

TAP speeds up testing cycles without undermining efficiency. Thanks to automated test cases and script generation, TAP saves QA Professionals significant time and resources. You can have your requirements documented in the format of user stories, manual test cases, and business requirement documents, TAP can convert them into test cases and automation test scripts to speed up the overall testing cycle.

On the other hand, by automating testing tasks TAP allows QA teams to give more attention to strategic aspects of quality assurance.

Aligned with the latest testing technologies and best practices

TAP also brings the latest testing methodologies by aligning with state-of-the-art test automation technologies such as Cucumber and Cypress. These technologies allow QA teams to have optimum control over the code besides fast-paced testing cycles. With the Page Object Model approach, you gain a comprehensive understanding of testing by employing clearly defined Gherkin scenarios.

TAP is not just a solution for barebone test automation. It also ensures optimum test coverage and results by adhering to best QA practices acclaimed industry-wide. It comes integrated with inbuilt DevOps, test automation execution, and code quality evaluation. By covering every aspect of QA testing, TAP offers a holistic approach to quality assurance.

|How Langsmith excels through custom evaluators

Langsmith by bringing custom evaluators to the forefront ensures a highly tailored QA approach for every project. These custom evaluators, by defining QA process-specific metrics and evaluation criteria ensure testing a product as per the objective behind its development. 

TAP is enriched with the power of large language models, notably the Langchain ecosystem. By utilizing the Langchain Agents and Chains it ensures high-performance test cases and test script generation. LangChain endows TAP with robust performance and intuitiveness for powerful and quality-focused test automation.

Below are some of the parameters we have used as part of the TAP script evaluations:

1. Completeness and correctness

Langsmith can determine whether all the different test scripts generated by the tool besides evaluating the correctness of each test scenario and the related code files like the gherkin scenarios, step definition, and page factory files. Langsmith also evaluates whether the generated scenarios accurately depict the intended behavior and interaction of the application in a specific context. Ultimately, such in-depth evaluation helps in covering a myriad of test cases and corresponding functionalities.

2. File Matching for comprehensive coverage

Langsmith is used to evaluate whether every file is generated completely and thoroughly as part of the overall automation testing suite. It also provides detailed testing results for every user story. 

Below is an example of a Custom evaluator defined with specific instructions to compare the input and output and give a result consisting of reasoning and a final score.

Following a similar approach with different prompt variations and instructions, we were able to objectively measure the performance of file generations at every step, assess the quality of deliverables, and also bring in improvements.

|Bringing Control and Visibility to Quality Assessment

By leveraging custom evaluators that can be tailored as per project requirements and objectives, Langsmith ensures optimum control and visibility of the quality assessment process. By doing away with a one-size-fits-all approach custom evaluators of Langsmith can offer a detailed and nuanced analysis of a solution. 

1. Encompassing a varied range of criteria 

The custom evaluators of Langsmith encompass a wider range of criteria for defining the scope and metrics of testing. Thanks to this ability to accommodate diverse criteria, specific testing requirements and corresponding expectations for any project can be easily defined irrespective of the complexity and size of a solution. Through this, we can evaluate the coverage 

2. Granular view of test results 

By presenting an overview of the evaluation results, offers a clearer insight into areas that require improvement or where the script coverage may have overlooked certain points. This visibility is crucial for enhancing the overall quality of the project by pinpointing specific areas that need attention or refinement. It acts as a valuable feedback mechanism, guiding testers to focus their efforts on addressing identified shortcomings and ensuring comprehensive coverage in subsequent iterations of the project.

3. Actionable presentation of test results 

Last but not least, Langsmith also presents its test results through neatly presented reports that instantly offer actionable insights into different evaluation areas. The detailed and easily digestible test reports facilitate effective decision-making for QA teams and stakeholders of the project staging up further improvements in running tests.

|Key Takeaways

Langsmith through its custom evaluators helped set up a thorough evaluation mechanism of the Test Automation Partner (TAP) solution, its adaptability to different evaluation requirements and precision in delivering actionable results stands out. With optimum code coverage, comprehensiveness, precision, and file-matching capabilities made it an invaluable asset for the QA team. 

In the quest for optimal performance and user experience in LLM-based applications, the Langsmith platform along with the entire Langchain ecosystem, augmented by its evaluation tools, proves to be a dependable ally for software development teams.

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