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Jasper Reports Generation in XLS Format

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Problem Statement:

Inbuilt reporting engine inside an ERP application is good value addition for user and If ERP can allow integration of third party reporting engine as well then it is further value add. ADempiere supports reporting in two ways

  • In built reporting engine( Print formats)
  • Jasper report integration

Print formats allow reporting to be done in different formats like PDF,XLS and HTML. In case of Jasper Reports integration, reporting can be done only in PDF format. But there is growing need to support other formats like XLS and HTML for Jasper based reports as well in ADempiere. Another important need is user should have a choice to decide report output format( The way it works in Print Format )

Scope of Article:

As a part of this article we will cover the changes we need to do to generate different formats based on user choice (i.e. PDF or XLS).

 Technology :

  • ADempiere 360 or above
  • Need poi-3.7.jar

Current Behavior :

  1. Run Expense Management report which is developed in Jasper and integrated into ADempiere

  2. Clicked on Start button, then report is generated in PDF format by default.
  3. There is no option to select specific format of report in tool bar 

Changes Detail :

We need to make code changes in file to generate report in XLS format.

      1. Add poi-3.7.jar in classpath
      2. Import following files into file.
      3. Implement EventListener interface into file.

      1. Add following Instance variables

      1. Update ZkJRViewer() constructor to invoke super class constructor.

      1. add  following changes in init() method to have drop down in toolbar to select PDF or XLS

      1. update onEvent() method to invoke renderReport() method to generate report in selected format

      1. Following renderReport() method can generate report in PDF or XLS based on previewType selection.

      1. After applying above changes, start application and run the same report and check the drop down to select report format PDF or XLS

      1. Now select Excel to generate report in XLS format.


      1. Following is the generated XLS format report.


As a part of this article we come to know what are the changes need to do to have XLS report format in ADempiere. After applying changes User can select either PDF or XLS format of report. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

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