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SenchaCon 2015 – Design.Develop.Deploy

Okay, we are back to India and the jet lag is over too 🙂

Walking Tree sponsored SenchaCon (from 7th April to 9th April) for the first time and we were excited and happy to help audience in various ways – including solving their problems, helping them decide technologies and letting them know that the quality delivery need not cost them tons of money!

We were happy with the response we received. We could see that the audience were able to value following aspects related to Sencha and Walking Tree relationship:

  • Professional Services partnership between Sencha and Walking Tree
  • Training Partnership between Sencha and Walking Tree
  • Walking Tree being a company with strong presence in US as well as India
  • The exhaustive work done by Walking Tree using Sencha Product suite
  • Walking Tree being one of the key sponsor of the event

As a business owner, a technical manager or a technical geek, you would be happy to know about some of the things that were talked about during the conference. While you must look at the videos of SenchaCon to get the detailed information, I have tried to put some of the key aspects which excited me:

  • The debate between native and HTML5 was over long time ago. However, the desire of Individual users (specifically business users) to be able to do their work across different devices (more effectively) has given HTML5-based frameworks a clear edge.
    • Are you still surprised to see a new Javascript framework coming every now and then? Well, you should not be. There are tons of opportunity and everyone is trying to create a dent 🙂
  •  Enterprise does take time to align itself with any technology and the trend is that Javascript is becoming the default choice for creating enterprise applications.
    • Some of them are going beyond front-end and they have started using javascript to take care of their end-to-end need
  • Sencha is heavily focussed on making application development using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 as easy and effective as possible.
    • You don’t need to work with low level tags, and you don’t need to be much worried about cross browser support. Just stay focussed on components, which looks closer to your business need
    • The tools like Sencha Architect, Sencha Inspector, Sencha Command, plugins for jetBrain and other IDEs, etc has always been focussed on enhancing effectiveness of development team
    • The team has been incorporating their learning into the product suite and it is clearly visible when you see how the product has evolved
  • I always saw two separate frameworks – Ext JS and Sencha Touch as pain for the enterprises. Even though the developers knowing one framework can learn the other relatively easily, the human mind is definitely resistant to change. Nevertheless, they did look like two different skills at developer level. Enterprise would love to use single framework to take care of their need across different types of devices (and their different versions) – including phones and tablets
  • In an enterprise, the overall app ecosystem and associated security can be complex. Sencha Space answers most of the concerns
  • Dynamic theming was just awesome too!

The rising pace of complexity

I did like this slide!

There has never been so much focus on UX as it has been in last few years. The developers are being asked to develop an application which must be “Simple” and “Effective”. This constant demand from customer has meant that you have to ensure atomicity and anything more than that means laziness, incompetence or less than perfection at developers end. Following image shows the existing complexity in which web developers are trying to deliver an excellent solution:


Well, every word in above slide is a subject in itself. Knowing these things and applying them to meet today’s demand is nothing less than being a magician. Unfortunately, not everyone can be magician. This is where a product suite offered by Sencha is acting as a great aide to the developers. We do recommend our customers and partners to take advantage of Sencha Product suite.

I can keep on talking about the exciting stuffs that were shared during the SenchaCon. However, there were other aspects as well which we liked. People knew how to enjoy the parties and when the place for the party is Levi’s Stadium then it is just awesome.

From Left to Right : Pradeep Lavania, Art Landro, Alok Ranjan, Rajeev Priyadarshi

Overall, the participation in SenchaCon was productive and we would love to participate and contribute again in future. Looking forward to meet more people and help more customers in taking advantage of the awesome framework.

We can help you more!

As a Service Partner and Training Partner, Walking Tree continues to support Sencha Customers across the globe. Also, through our strategic partnership with Chicago based PR3 Systems, we are ensuring that the customers are being served where they are most comfortable. In case you are looking for professional services or training support do contact us. Looking forward to help you in creating awesome business by delivering great UX!

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