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HRMS and Payroll features of EagleRP that will be potentially contributed to Adempiere

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Adempiere is a very popular open source ERP solution and over a period, it has become an obvious choice for the businesses which want to take advantage of the work done by the community.

While working with various customers, Walking Tree developed few functionalities, which would be beneficial for many Adempiere adopters. At the time of writing this article, Adempiere 3.8 release is in progress, AND it DOESN’T include a huge list of functionalities that WTC would like to contribute.

In this article I am listing out the functionalities which the community can expect to see in Adempiere (depending on the approval by the stakeholders).

List of functionalities

  • Employee Setup including management of following information
    • Current state of employment
    • Personal Details
    • Account Details
    • Leave Details
    • Education, past experience and skills
    • Dependent details
    • Contact Details and
    • Insurance details
  • Employment Management
    • Creation and management of job openings for different type and levels of job
    • Job Application and hiring process management
    • Employee Referral
    • Rejected applications
  • Tax declaration, proof submission and declaration of extra income
  • Attendance Management
    • Defining and using work shift and over time
    • Shift allocation
    • Attendance at main gate
    • Attendance by supervisor
    • Fine and related reports
  • Leave Management
    • Managing holidays
    • Leave type configuration
    • Leave application and approval workflow
    • My Leave Requests
    • Managing availed leaves and credit more leaves
    • Leave encashment
    • Various reports related to leave management
  • Vehicle Management
    • Managing vehicle information
    • Tracking vehicle movement
    • Vehicle usage report
  • Time Sheet Management
    • Manage time sheet
    • Export / import time sheet
    • Incomplete time sheet report
  • Gate pass Management
    • Service Request Management – keeping track of sent items and received items
    • Inward gate pass for different types of resources – including store materials, vehicles, visitors, etc
    • Managing gate pass workflow
    • Outward gate pass
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Thank you card
  • Token Management
  • Advance Salary Request and Disbursement
  • Block and Quarter Management (for providing residential facility to employee)
  • Salary Management
    • General Payroll
      • Payslip generation
      • Insurance Reports
      • ESI Reports
      • PF Reports
      • Wage Register
      • Wage Register for non-PF employee
      • Wage Register Summary
      • Wage Register by departments
      • Payslip for all employee
    • Mock Payroll and mock payslip
    • Salary Structure definition and usage
    • Change Salary
    • Managing deductions including TDS
    • Managing other earnings
    • Salary Calculator
  • Performance Appraisal
    • Managing different goal types – primarily business goal and personal goal
    • Defining and tracking goals and related progress – including periodic review
    • Sharing goals and seeking support
    • Goals related reports like – appraisal pending by manager, appraisal pending by HR manager



While few functionalities my be from our internal system which we use for managing our own operations, most of the functionalities listed above can be seen on the application hosted on below URL:

Other Modules

While the immediate contribution could be in the area of HR and Payroll, there is a very important module called Machine Management Module. For companies which has a lot of equipments to work with, this module could be very handy.

Following functionalities related to Machine Management can be contributed into Adempiere:

  • Managing equipments, their parts, availability and other related details
  • Machine maintenance – preventive and well as emergency
  • Defining and using inspection schedule
  • Managing unit outage and related clearance
  • Managing defects and their resolution life cycle


At Walking Tree we do understand the need for a stronger community an we hope this contribution will make the product even more stronger. Looking forward to see more happy businesses on Adempiere.

Walking Tree does support Adempiere customers by offering project level assistance and Adempiere training courses. The training from Walking Tree provides the entire coverage of the overall Adempiere architecture and the key concepts such as Application Dictionary, Process, Callout, Windows, model, Validations, Workflows, Dashboard, etc.  For learning the complete development aspect of the ADempiere platform, one can enrol into our Adempiere ERP training sessions listed under training section.

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