Redefining Your User eXperience

A True Masterpiece is an Outcome of Umpteen Masterstrokes

Every process, service, or solution designed for the user should be nothing less than a masterstroke. A good User eXperience engages, attracts, and retains. We implement Lean UX, Agile UX, and Design thinking methodologies based on the project specifics. 

At Walking Tree, we achieve a true UX design masterpiece with tenacity, tons of discipline,  passion towards innovation, and of course…a dynamic team! You can opt for individual UX offerings or a complete solution based on your project requirements.

Our UX Design Offerings

Our UX research is designed to bridge the gap between a product and the overall experience of using it. A great looking product maybe utterly disappointing for the users…but, how would you know? Yes, UX research. This research can be done before, after, or during the design and development process and this is where our expertise comes into play.

UX Research has a pivotal role to play in the design as it helps to understand the users. Rather than assuming what the users will like, the research is designed to understand user behavior and create data-driven insights. This intense program lays the perfect platform for the UX design team to create user-centric designs that resonates with the users.

User research goes far beyond just the basic assumptions and perceptions. We carry out in-depth user research with the help of tried and tested methodologies, tools, and techniques. This system user research approach helps the design team validate assumptions backed by solid user data. The end goal is to collect and accurately interpret the user-centric data. 

UX Analysis

During the user research process, we identify unique user cases, goals, preconceptions, and specific needs. Our team carries out a thorough analysis and pinpoint bottlenecks in the ease of usability and the overall product flow. This offering is an amalgamation of understanding users and implementing strategic tools and techniques to deliver an in-depth report for laying out the accurate architecture.

Based on all the above steps, we create the perfect interactions of a product, create a design strategy, test concepts by creating prototypes, and implement the most relevant technology to enhance User eXperience. The team gives extreme attention to the looks, sounds as we create a design that is easy for your users to use. 

Information Architecture

An efficient Information Architecture helps users to easily adjust to the product functionality. Our dynamic UX team incorporates advanced tools and strategies to create an information architecture based on a thorough user analysis report. We put your user’s satisfaction as a top priority and this works as strong foundation for great User eXperience.

Every application or product has a unique personality and needs to be visually represented accordingly. Every single unit has to be a carefully woven fabric of aesthetically united designs and features. Our UI designers brainstorm on how to add the look, feel and usability that is attractive, easy to use, and is visually stimulating for the users.

Some questions are more important than answers. In usability testing, our experienced observers work with real-world users to measure how intuitive or usable the overall experience is for them. Realistic scenarios in usability testing help to identify and close any gaps in a great User eXperience. We use usability testing in various ways during the project lifecycle to identify if users are able to achieve their end goal quickly and with great ease. The usability testing service is designed to help businesses meet their user expectations and deliver successful services for them. 

The different methods that we implement in carrying out this testing depends upon client requirements and project lifecycle. The raw data derived from these tests such as time taken for users to familiarize with the features, effectiveness, task performance, and the likes helps further enhance the product to meet client expectations.

User Testing is an integral part of the design process. Throughout the design cycle, we implement a structured user testing process from early development cycle to the release of the final product. Client requirements vary and so does our user testing approach. We tailor our services based on the product or services that are being designed. 

Whether it is a realtime interview or recorded testing experience, it helps your business to bridge the gap between your new product and your users. As the users interact with the brand during this testing, you can watch firsthand how they interact with your solutions and identify their pain points.



Thinking outside the box is our core strength when enhancing User eXperience. We regularly carry out workshops to help businesses understand the value, tools, and results of having a user-centric approach. In these workshops, we help experts to understand the concepts of  Empathy – Ideation – Innovation – Problem Solving – Prototyping & testing. Whether it is the look, feel, sound, or touch…User eXperience is the core of every innovation at Walking Tree.  

MVP Workshop


MVP (Minimum Viable Product) requires a wide range of validation points to get it right for customers. What are the basic, minor, or major requirements of a customer? The MVP workshops we conduct are designed with several creative and innovative concepts that are being talked about in the tech-driven market. 

MVP Development


We offer MVP development services to our international clientele. We create the MVP for the initial segment of new and existing users. The complete set of features and developed and designed after getting the feedback from the initial batch of users. 

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