Modal with React Hooks

React Hooks

Modals are an essential part of building an application. It is a simple and clean way of showing data to the end-user with fewer efforts. Thousands of websites are already using modal extensively. Now how can you implement a modal in your React application? Well, there are many ways to do so. Numerous UI libraries are available which provide an attractive modal interface.

How to apply serverless in front-end cloud computing

Instead of moving the whole application to the cloud, organizations are building cloud front-end computing elements for existing applications. There are various options regarding the technology to use while executing this approach, including serverless computing and containers.

Out Now: Flutter 1.20

Flutter 1.20

Flutter released the 1.20 version of Flutter this week, bringing various features and improvements. Flutter 1.20 comes with several UI enhancements, including the long-awaited support for autofill, a new way to layer widgets to support pan and zoom, new mouse cursor support, updates to old favorite Material widgets and many more.

The Opportunity in App Modernization

The Opportunity in App Modernization

App modernization is now a buzz word similar to Devops or Cloud Native. The word means different things to different people. Ask a Platform Engineer and he/she would explain modernization as lift and shift from private cloud to the public cloud. A developer might refer to it as the containerization for legacy apps. 

Futureproofing Power BI solutions

Power BI

Various decisions have to be made while starting a BI project. The decisions include things like sourcing your data, where and how to create queries to cleanse, transform, and reshape the data. Most Power BI solutions progress through a few stages, which include:

The risks and challenges of adopting Cloud solutions

The risks and challenges of adopting Cloud solutions

The Oracle and KPMG Cloud Report identifies the key risks and challenges that organizations are facing while implementing and maintaining cloud solutions. Securing an organization’s data and maintenance requires a security-first approach, with a clear understanding of the shared responsibilities required for cloud security. Cybersecurity is no longer about installing antivirus software. It’s an ongoing attempt that demands continuous attention to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

How enterprise companies use DevOps to shave months off the development cycle

How enterprise companies use DevOps to shave months off the development cycle

DevOps is a set of best practices, team structures, and tools that together form a methodology that enables companies to quickly release software and implement changes and fixes. If executed correctly, it has the potential to take months off the development process. 

Flutter and the future of ambient computing

Flutter and the future of ambient computing

Over the past few decades, the way we interact with the world has completely changed. From bulky computers in the late 90s to laptops in the 2000s to smartphones in the last decade and most recently smart home devices like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Gone are the days when people used to log on to their computers with dial-up internet to check mail or listen to music over CDs. Today, we are more connected, all thanks to mobiles or laptops. It has become an integral part of daily interactions.

The UI checklist you need to consistently ship quality design

UI Checklist

Every designer has a different approach when it comes to delivering quality design. It’s best to have design criteria or like a checklist for delivering better products or services. A UI checklist covers diverse topics that all of your team members will appreciate. Let’s take a look at some of the checklist points in terms of UI.

Guidelines to help you get started with voice applications 

Voice Application

As enterprises are starting to explore AI and Ml technologies, the demand in three other areas is increasing – computer vision, natural language applications, and speech technology. Recent progress in natural language applications and speech technology has increased accuracy and opened up avenues for new applications. 

6 trends framing the state of AI and ML

6 trends framing the state of AI and ML

As organizations adopt analytic technologies such as ML and AI, they’re discovering more about themselves and their worlds. Adoption of ML, especially, prompts organizations to start asking questions that challenge in different ways what the organization thinks it knows about itself. Let’s take a look at some of the trends framing the state of AI and ML.

Cloud Adoption in 2020

Cloud adoption 2020

In our previous article, we spoke about the adoption of Microservices in 2020. In this article, let’s take a look at cloud adoption in 2020. A survey conducted in January 2020 with more than 1,200 respondents revealed a lot about cloud adoption. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights- 

Microservices Adoption in 2020

Microservices are everywhere but what’s the reason behind it? The recently conducted survey by O’Reilly on more than 1500 respondents revealed many key findings of microservices. Let’s take a look at it.

Configuration and customization options in Ext JS Pivot Grid

Configuration and customization options in Ext JS Pivot Grid

Pivot Grid is a powerful tool to represent data and extract insights from it. The Pivot Grid component enables the rapid summarization of large sets of data. It provides a simple way to assemble data points into a format that makes trends and insights more apparent. We spoke about the 5 Powerful Ext JS Pivot Grid Features in our previous article. Today, let’s take a look at the configuration and customizations options in Ext JS Pivot Grid.

How DevOps is automating the workplace

How DevOps is automating the workplace

DevOps makes software and app delivery a lot quicker, enabling enterprises to push it to market sooner and making it more reliable for the end-user. AWS describes DevOps as a combination of cultural philosophies and practices that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

Migrating SaaS to Cloud: How to do it without disruption

Migrating SaaS to Cloud

When you are running a SaaS on legacy hardware, there are chances of running into a couple of challenges. Let’s take a look at how you can migrate SaaS to Cloud hassle-free. 

How the rise of containers will drive DevOps

Devops Containers

As organizations are investing in flexibility, speed, and efficiencies in their workflows, DevOps and containers are a natural fit. It is important for the development teams to be flexible in their work, but IT systems and development tools often leave developers frustrated and prevent them from reaching real-time agility. 

Key Strategies to Help Migrate to Microservices


A migration to microservices is usually driven by flexibility, productivity, and scalability demands. However, just because enterprises want these benefits, it doesn’t mean that their IT teams are ready for the big change. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies which can help in migrating to Microservices.

5 Powerful Ext JS Pivot Grid Features

Ext JS

The Ext JS Pivot Grid component enables a rapid summarization of large sets of data. It provides a simple way to condense many data points into a single format that makes trends and insights more apparent. Let’s take the example of sales data.

Kubernetes turns 6, comes of enterprise age


kubernetes is now officially celebrating its 6th birthday as an open-source project. With a percentage of the IT platforms deployed in production by IT teams, Kubernetes use is comparatively light, even after six years of contributions to the open-source platform. However, it’s arguable Kubernetes really became enterprise-ready just in the last two years.

3 reasons why traceability should be a DevOps priority


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to DevOps. There’s the need for effective cooperation between members of various teams, also via team collaboration software for remote workers. Then there’s the question of DevOps strategy—deciding on a vision, setting goals, and working out how to measure success. 

Cloud Migration Gaining Momentum

Cloud Migration

Enterprises are moving their applications to the cloud, like never before. According to the Cloud Adoption in 2020 survey, organizations plan to migrate most of their applications to the cloud within the next year.

Ext JS outperforms grid competitors on key performance metrics

Ext JS outperforms grid competitors on key performance metrics

The overall volume of generated data has grown rapidly over the past couple of decades and as a result, modern JavaScript data grid components have evolved. In today’s world, there are many data grid offerings in the market that come with capabilities to display and manage the analysis. But how many of them can withstand the test of performance as it relates to “Big Data”?

Exterminating bugs in your Ext JS app

Exterminating bugs in your Ext JS app

Sometimes we need to inspect a particular Ext JS component we have instantiated for debugging purposes. Two of the hottest development tools available to any web developer, Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and Google Chrome, seamlessly integrate to provide the most comprehensive debugging environment known to Javascript.

React Native’s re-architecture in 2020

React Native's re-architecture in 2020

React Native was first introduced in 2015 for developing cross-platform applications with native capabilities using the ReactJS framework. The React Native re-architecture,  originally announced in 2018 is an undergoing effort by the Facebook team to make the platform more robust and address some of the most common bugs brought by developers.

The secret to winning at DevOps

The secret to winning at DevOps

The main goal of implementing DevOps is to accomplish integration and automation. That’s why implementing this philosophy can be challenging too. Replacing older methods and practices is one thing, but you’ll also have to change the mindset of the developers and the operations team to ensure they work in sync. Several IT operations and software teams have adopted DevOps into their work culture for faster evolvement and innovations.

IT modernization yields business benefits even in the early stages

IT modernization yields business benefits even in the early stages

With the help of new technologies in recent years, IT modernization has surely evolved, replacing end-of-life infrastructure to increasing innovation and business value. Although it is a complex process that can take up to months or even years. A recent survey shows that the results are delivered as soon as an organization takes the first step. 

Five reasons to start working in the Cloud

Five reasons to start working in the Cloud

With the recent announcement of products such as Visual Studio Codespaces and GitHub Codespaces,  there has been an increasing demand for cloud-based engineering workflows.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons why a cloud IDE should be what you or your company needs to boost productivity to the next level.

A beginner’s guide to architecting a Flutter app

A beginner’s guide to architecting a Flutter app

Flutter gives a lot of freedom to the developers to do what they want. This freedom can also be a drawback when you are starting out, especially for state management and app architecture.

One in four enterprises will be all-cloud companies within a year

One in four enterprises will be all-cloud companies within a year

In a recent survey, about 25% of managers have predicted that their companies will be moving all their applications towards the cloud within 2021.

How DevOps can save your business from COVID-19 – 11

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a noticeable effect on how businesses operate throughout the world. Remote work, for now, is the new normal. According to recent research, roughly about 50% of Americans have started working from home. While some have adapted to this change quickly, there are yet some who are struggling.

5 DevOps trends that demand your attention

DevOps plays an important role in today’s rapidly growing technology. This new decade brings customer and business expectations for speed with unfailing accuracy, reliability, and security for code. Let’s take a look at the top 5 DevOps trends for 2020.

What is SAGA pattern and how important is it?

What is SAGA pattern and how important is it -

With the adoption of ‘Database Per Service’ in a microservices architecture every service gets its separate database. However, there’s a problem with how to ensure data consistency among different services. 

Next phase of DevOps: Upskilling for processes & humanity

Next phase of DevOps Upskilling for processes & humanity

The skills required for deploying DevOps has changed over time. In the earlier days, the transformation was mostly focused on technical skills to help organizations evolve. Now with the technical skills being fulfilled, enterprises are now shifting towards other skill sets.

The Main Function in Flutter 

The Main Function in Flutter

Most of the time when we start a new Flutter project there’s this single line of code that we don’t have to change. That code starts the Flutter app and makes sure to show it to the user. 

Vue or React? Make the right choice for your web app.

Vue or React Make the right choice for your web app.

When it comes to choosing the right framework for your application, you are left with many options to choose from. React and Vue JS are among the most preferred libraries. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why developers like Vue JS.

The importance of clarity in UX

The importance of clarity in UX

One of the most critical components in web design is clarity. It has a direct impact on what is perceived. The clarity in a design revolves around the communication of information and the information quantity. Let’s take a look at how clarity is important in User Experience. 

The tech stack for the new Facebook

The tech stack for the new Facebook

If you use Facebook, you must have definitely noticed a huge change in their front-end design. Well, Facebook came up with ‘The New Facebook’ at the beginning of May. The front-end has been completely redesigned using React and Relay. The goal of this update is to make Facebook a faster and highly interactive experience for users.

FutureBuilder – A Flutter Widget

FutureBuilder - A Flutter Widget

Future operations are those operations which take time to perform and usually return the result at a later stage. Well, to handle this we use Asynchronous functions.

Does the Iron Triangle fit the agile approach

Does the Iron Triangle fit the agile approach

The three main constraints of any project are Scope, Time, and Money. But what will happen when you inverse it? The Iron Triangle approach is a powerful and helpful tool. It helps in explaining the stakeholders on why some things can’t be done.

How to avoid DevOps fatigue

Many organizations have already faced Agile fatigue and guess what, DevOps might be next. The process of transitioning from one belief to another requires time and patience, and the same goes for DevOps. There are more chances of coming across various deadends and wrong turns in this process.

Things to consider when updating a legacy application

Things to consider when updating a legacy application

Before updating any old application, it is crucial to have a proper plan and budget in place. Planning is not as easy as it is made out to be, and companies usually don’t have enough budget for maintaining both legacy applications and maintain the development of modern applications.

Deploying Microservices Using Serverless Architecture

Deploying Microservices Using Serverless Architecture

Serverless or also known as FaaS – Function as a service, is an architecture wherein the cloud provider is responsible for running the code, allocating resources, and the best part is that the customer only pays for the execution time. The code is usually inserted in containers which can later be triggered by various event such as HTTP requests, database events, queues, etc.

PageView – A Flutter Widget

PageView - A Flutter Widget

A PageView is a Flutter widget that creates scrollable pages on the screen. It can either create a list of a fixed number of pages or can use a builder function to create pages on demand. The PageView widget is quite similar to the ListView widget when it comes to constructing elements.

7 DevOps collaboration myths

7 DevOps collaboration myths

Collaboration is the essence of DevOps. It cannot be successful without any proper communication and collaboration between teams. Let’s take a look at some of the collaboration myths surrounding DevOps.

5 reasons your legacy IT management tools are holding you back

legacy IT management tools

Legacy tools no longer meet the demands of a modern organization. They do of course suffice in regard to the needs for which they were originally acquired. But the reality is that they are insufficient for organizations to grow and innovate. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why legacy tools are holding your team back. 

How enterprises can overcome barriers to DevOps

How enterprises can overcome barriers to DevOps

Developers are constantly looking for reason as to how doing new things will benefit. DevOps team leads duty is to provide stats, and real-time examples to get the whole team excited.

Strategic Domain-Driven Design

Strategic Domain-Driven Design

Microservices have become the standard for building applications. More and more enterprises are shifting from monolithic to microservices. But with this growth, many of them are facing challenges for splitting their monolithic application to a microservices architecture. One of the most challenging parts is to define a proper responsibility for each API and communicate microservices. Keeping this in mind lets see what Domain-driven design is all about.

Benefits of Microservices in Insurance

Benefits of Microservices in Insurance

According to a recent survey on insurance technologies, about 90% of the responders said that in the next five years customers will be looking for insurance through online or mobile apps. Insurance companies are slowly trying to move towards digital transformation and smart technology system. If they wish to catch up with today’s technology, they have to digitize and that too at a faster pace.

Top 4 Reasons for Cloud Adaption

Top 4 reasons for cloud adoption

The Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in renewed interest, in cloud-based services. Cloud platforms have ensured that their model is sustainable and support remote workers and customers. But in the world of economy and environment, it is essential to pay extra attention to the details and choose the right cloud platform. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects to look into before adopting the cloud.

Floating Action Button – A Flutter Widget

Floating Action Button - A Flutter Widget

A FloatingActionButton is an icon button on a screen that allows the user to perform an action, which he would normally do on that specific screen. This button is usually found floating above the content and resides on one corner of the screen. For example, when you open Gmail, the Compose button, found on the top left of the screen, is a floating action button.

DevOps is becoming real, while DevSecOps has work to do

Many organizations are moving towards DevOps. It has helped IT developers and operations teams to work and collaborate for smoother operations. According to the latest Github survey, about 30% of developers define their work, 14% are on a step ahead, and monitor their infrastructure. Furthermore, 18% of developers instrument the code of production monitoring, and 12% serve as an escalation point.

Why Banks Need Microservices Post Covid-19?

Why Banks Need Microservices Post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything, even consumer behavior. Most of the financial services customers have moved digital but what about the remaining customers? How will you communicate? And how to accommodate the new normal consumer demand?

What does a robust serverless architecture look like?

All the major cloud providers – AzureAWS, Google, offer serverless architecture support for the developers. The free serverless service is also designed to help developers automate the process. Larger applications in a serverless architecture require an architect to look at the overall expected events and act accordingly. In a way building in a serverless architecture can be booted up in parts without any dependencies.

FadedTransistion – A Flutter Widget

FadeTransition - A Flutter Widget

Flutter comes with a powerful set of animation widgets to add motion and special effects to your flutter app. But what if you want something really simple? Maybe something as simple as fading a widget. The Flutter SDK offers the FadeTransition widget for you.

Why Software Development is moving towards Front-end?

Why Software Development is moving towards Front-end?

The current trend of software development has moved towards front-end development. Companies are trying their best to make sure the user experience or user interface of their applications is matching with the ideas and needs. With user experience in place, there’s no need for developers to code until the user experience designer has finalized the specs of an application.

Choosing your JavaScript Framework

Choosing your JavaScript Framework

There are many JavaScript frameworks to choose from. But which one is best for you? Well, the key is to choose a framework that feels right for you and makes you more productive and delivers the right solution for you. Let’s take a look at one of the surveys that show which framework is preferred by developers or developers who want to learn it:

How to split workloads with Microsoft Azure Stack

How to split workloads with Microsoft Azure Stack

Hybrid cloud infrastructures allow developers to split the workload between public clouds and private clouds. Microsoft Azure Stack eases this task of splitting and migrating workloads by giving a public cloud right inside a data center. Azure Stack is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of a public cloud i.e speed, flexibility, integration, etc along with the security of a private cloud.

DaaS – Migrating your entire DevOps stack to the cloud

DaaS - Migrating your entire DevOps stack to the cloud

DaaS (DevOps as a service) is a cloud-based service that helps DevOps teams to centralize their work and tooling into one solution. All the tools needed for continuous delivery are collected in a single platform.

Google releases Flutter 1.17 and Dart 2.8

Google just released version 2.8 of its popular programming language – Dart and version 1.17 for Flutter, its UI framework for mobile app development.

Validations in Angular Reactive Forms

The reactive approach of creating forms in Angular is where the form validation logic is passed to the ViewModel. The work of any frontend developer could have been much easier if the user gives the correct input in the form, but unfortunately, it’s not possible. Hence Reactive forms come into the picture here.

Opacity – A Flutter Widget

Opacity - A Flutter Widget

Removing a widget in Flutter is really simple and easy. You just have to rebuild the tree without it. But what if you want the widget to disappear but still take up space on the screen so that it doesn’t disrupt the rest of the layout? Well to solve this, you can try the Opacity widget.

10 Ways to Improve Dropdowns in UI & UX Design

The dropdown is one of the most used tools for a UI/UX designer. It is a one-stop destination for grouping many options into one handy component.

Although Dropdown is flexible and easy to use, there are many ways by which you can improve it. Let’s dive into some of the ways to improve Dropdowns in UI/UX Design.

3 ways DevOps can increase the value of organizational data

3 ways DevOps can increase the value of organizational data

Enterprises have a vast data of resources which can be fully extracted. It’ll not only answer some of the toughest questions but also meet the organizational needs and goals. This is how the concept of data mining came into the picture.

Expect the Unexpected: Dealing with Errors in Large Web Apps

Expect the Unexpected Dealing with Errors in Large Web Apps

Large web applications can get too complex to be bug-free. It is important to know various errors in your application and the correct ways to solve it for proactive monitoring of applications and for maintaining a healthy application.

Using Angular Components in an Ext JS Application

Using Angular Components in an Ext JS Application

ExtAngular provides all the necessary components for developers to easily build mobile and web applications. You can get components that interact seamlessly and are professionally built, tested, and maintained. 

UI/UX Design for Ext JS Applications

UIUX Design for Ext JS Applications

A good User Experience design is what separates successful and unsuccessful applications. Nowadays mobile users expect their mobile apps to be perfect from the very first screen, the very first interaction with it. From faster speed, ease of use to satisfaction during the interaction.

Upgrading an Ext JS Application to 7.x

The year started with the release of the Ext JS 7.1 version and version 7.2 is already here. This update comes with significant improvements to the Ext JS modern and classic toolkits.

Top 10 Ext JS Grid Features You May Not Know About

The Ext JS grid is one of the most powerful components with its seamless features and plugins. One of the biggest advantages of using this grid panel is that you don’t have to depend upon third-party libraries when creating applications. The built-in UI components help in organizing data with features such as grouping data, drop-down, and many more exciting add-on features.

How to choose which Flutter animation widget is right for you?

There are numerous animation widgets to choose from in Flutter. Figuring out which widget is the best fit for your application can be a little challenging. Let’s walk through a series of questions before choosing the right animation widget. Also, keep in mind that the widgets provided in the Flutter core are pretty low level. If you are looking for more complex animations then its best to look for other animation packages available in the market.

Why React Native is the future of mobile development

With over 5 years in existence, React Native has gained quite a popularity. Interactive UX and easy development are the significant features that have convinced mobile app developers to work with React Native to build applications. Not just this, we have listed out the top reasons why React Native will be the future of mobile app development.

Why developers are still using Angular?

A full-fledged framework for software development, Angular has been in the market for quite a while now. It’s got some tough competition from React and others lately. However it remains a popular framework among developers.

Expanded – A Flutter Widget

Almost every Flutter layout uses rows and columns. They can be spread or hug their children tightly. But what if you want some extra space between your rows or columns? You can just wrap it in the Expanded widget.

Sencha ExtJS 7.2 – OUT NOW!

Sencha has announced the release of version 7.2 for Ext JS, ExtAngular, ExtReact, and ExtWebComponents. The year started with the release of Ext JS 7.1 version and v 7.2 is already here. This update comes with significant improvements to the Ext JS modern and classic toolkits. The main focus area of this release is towards the product feature enhancements related to the quality and performance of the components.

How refactoring can help your Flutter app

It’s all about widgets when it comes to Flutter. And a widget tree is a result of nested widgets. If your UI is simple, even when you come back to that code after a few days or weeks, it is easy for you to re-read the code and the application is efficient. But when your application or user interface is complex, it’ll need a large number of widgets and eventually, your code will become less readable and maintainable and less efficient.

Do we really need a Front-end Framework?

Angular, React, ExtJS are among the most popular frameworks for building applications. But the main question here is whether you really need to use React or Angular when you could do everything using a much simpler HTML or CSS?

SafeArea – A Flutter Widget

SafeArea - A Flutter Widget

Everything within a Flutter app is a Widget. From the simple ‘text’ to ‘buttons’ to ‘screen layouts’. These widgets arrange in a hierarchical order to be displayed onto the screen. They describe how your app view should look like with their current configuration and state.

5 Useful JavaScript Tricks

Just like any other programming language, Javascript comes with many tips and tricks to ease the developer’s job by accomplishing difficult tasks. Let’s have a look at the five JavaScript tricks which you can start using today.

What makes Flutter ideal for mobile app development?

Flutter is empowered with a layered structure, with which you can build custom and attractive applications. It comes with the best set of custom and inbuild widgets. The best part about Flutter is that you can have two different themes for IOS and Android. The new release of Flutter 1.12, is like a cherry on the top.

Python vs Go – Which is better for Machine Learning?

Python is the most popular language for building machine learning projects. Although there are other languages like R, C++, and Julia, Python remains the most prominent and most used language in every machine learning framework. But to actually run a production machine learning API, we need features such as:

Questions to ask yourself before adopting Microservices

“What is Microservices and should we follow this architecture for our solution?” Well, the first part of the question can be easily answered. But the second part is something to look into. Microservices might seem very simple and easy to deploy. But it’s not as simple as you imagine. Microservices is seen playing the role of both protagonist and antagonist, depending on how it is being used.

How Microservices are helping to build future’s cloud

Customer expectations have risen after using Netflix, Amazon, PayPal. Now enterprise applications are expected to be immediately accessible from anywhere and from any device. Developers are now transferring to multi-cloud deployments and require multi-cloud databases.

Why Conditional Statements are a Code Smell?

Conditional statements like if-else, else or switch are a core for any programming language. We all use it regularly, but surprisingly it is considered as a code smell in an object-oriented programming language (OOP). But when are if-statements a bad idea? And why?

The increasing value of Cloud services during COVID-19 pandemic

One of the biggest stories of 2020 has to be the growing impact of COVID-19 contagion. The stock market is all over the place, there’s a huge panic among the public. Hundreds of articles are being published about new cases, death rates, etc on a daily basis.

What exactly is Docker?

As a tool, Docker uses the idea of the isolated resources to make a set of tools for packaging the applications in the association of installed dependencies and runs wherever it wants. It is Docker, which provides less isolation, whereas the containers are considered lightweight. Therefore, we can run many containers on a host.

State Management in React Apps

State is an object which shows the current condition of an application. React is a component-based UI library that uses state to track down the moving parts of a user interface. Hence understanding state management is important. State management makes it easy to make a decision and create an end product that is more efficient. Keeping this in mind, let’s dive into some of the dos and don’ts of state management in a React Application.

Communication in a Microservice Architecture

In Microservices architecture, applications are built with a collection of modules that work independently from each other. These modules are interdependent, but the main idea is to use loose-coupling. Microservices coordinate with the means of communication. This basically means that each module sits differently and deployed independently, and the DevOps team will be working on the continuous delivery of each module.

Using an open-source and commercial analytics ecosystem

Open-source tools for analytics have been available for decades. However, it is only recently that enterprises have started to adopt and even hire data scientists for analytics needs. In a recent survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the majority of respondents have stated that open-source was extremely important to their AI/ML efforts. Along with open-source, commercial products are also being used by organizations for analytics.

Flutter: A Startup Friendly Framework

Google’s Flutter is an open-source development tool. In the last few years, it has turned out to be a preferred choice for entrepreneurs to develop their mobile apps. Flutter has many interesting features right from development to delivery. Let’s take a look into what Flutter has to offer and why it is considered to be a friendly framework for startups:

Making your Microservices Resilient and Fault Tolerant

Keeping up with the digital transformation wave, many enterprises are making the shift from a monolithic architecture to microservices. This is mainly because a single error won’t bring the whole application down. But does that mean that your Microservices Architecture is resilient to failures?

Getting Started with Azure API Management

Azure API management helps in creating consistent API gateways for back-end services. API management provides methods for a successful API program through developer engagement, business insights, and protection. It is a great service for abstracting your back-end services and present a set of APIs using a single HTTPs endpoint. Within no time, API management became every developer’s favorite tool.

Sencha Architect: The Best Visual App Builder

Sencha Architect is the ultimate visual app builder for Ext JS applications. A widely used tool for cross-platform HTML5 applications on mobile devices and desktop, Sencha Architect empowers the developers to accomplish more. Features such as drag and drop enable you with high-performance applications wherein you spend very less amount of time in manual coding. It also saves time by removing time to type more boilerplate code. Some of the top questions that most developers ask in Sencha Architect are:

How retail CIOs are using DevOps and RAD to go omnichannel

How retail CIOs are using DevOps and RAD to go omnichannel

Retail customers today have numerous demands that start from placing orders to when a product reaches on their doorsteps. They are always looking for a good user experience delivered in a cycle of chats, swipes, and clicks. Shoppers today are responsible for their demand and purchase interactions. But for many retailers, it’s a challenge to keep up with these demands.

Are Microservices right for your next project

It’s 2020 and business owners are expected to deploy new software technologies which are eventually making tech leaders re-think their architecture. But the main motive is to avoid anything which can slow down the software development process. Whether its while applying bug fixes or maintaining a code. But let’s face the facts, this cannot be achieved in a monolithic architecture and hence many organizations have deployed Microservices, where an application can be differentiated into various independent components that can be developed and maintained separately.

Next Cross-platform App Market: Is it going to be Flutter or Kotlin?

As enterprises look for efficient cross-platform application development on Android and iOS, there is often a lack of clarity when something new is introduced. This impacts the decision-making process and many keep on hold trying out any new technology until others have tried and test it. However, rather than staying behind the competitive curve, it is crucial to get up to speed with the latest and stay ahead in the game. Talking about staying ahead in the game, Flutter and Kotlin are compared and there is a lot of talk going on about it in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons and then decide which one suits you the best.

Best Practices for Building Containers and Kubernetes Applications

Cloud computing has changed the way in which businesses operated in the past. Many enterprises that have joined in the cloud migration race realize that they are short on time. This means that efforts need to be escalated and a lot more fireworks need to be added to be noticed. What seemed apt and practical a few years ago is not the same today and combined it with the cloud-native applications, the speed at which enterprises are opting for applications in containers and Kubernetes has drastically increased.

Flutter App Development: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an established truth…when Google comes with something new, it is nothing less than “AWESOME.” Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit specifically designed to build beautiful and natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop. There are several common misconceptions and commonly asked questions around Flutter. It is important to get the basics right in Flutter if you are planning to use it in the future for your enterprise app development. Flutter has a dedicated FAQ page, but this writeup is designed to clarify doubts rather than covering every aspect.

Introduction to Multi-Runtime Microservices Architecture

There is a major shift towards creating good distributed applications, and this for sure is not an easy task. These need to be created by having a futuristic view in mind so that these are easy to upgrade and are affordable to be maintained in the long term. However, keeping in mind today’s technology it is still a challenge to find a good balance between the daunting requirements.

Some Tangible Benefits of Serverless

The introduction of Amazon Lambda in 2015 changed the scene in serverless technology, and this technology did garner a lot of attention from enterprises from across the globe so to speak. Well, there are so many write-ups, blogs, videos and social media posts out there that are designed to convince an enterprise about the pros and cons of serverless, and why an enterprise should move on to such a platform.

Top new features in Angular 9

Top new features in Angular 9

The wait is finally over! Angular version 9 is here with numerous updates and features for developers and organizations to explore. Let’s admit it, we all have been keeping tabs and have been patiently waiting on Angular 9 release. Angular 9 is a major update to the Angular framework and has the full potential to change the ecosystem.

Sencha Announces The New Ext JS 7.1 Version

Sencha, a leading provider of tools for web and mobile application development announced the release of version 7.1 for Ext JS, ExtReact, ExtAngular, and tooling, it is the latest update to their JavaScript framework featuring more than 60 customer-driven enhancements. The JavaScript landscape focuses more on high performing UI components and useability. 

The perfect JS grid?

The perfect JS grid - WTT TechRadar

The Ext JS grid component is one of the most powerful components with its seamless features and plugins. One of the best advantages of using this grid panel is that there is no need for approaching third-party libraries when making apps. The built-in UI components help to organize data with functionalities such as grouping data, drop-down, and many such exciting add-on features.

Modern Guide to FinTech App Development

Modern Guide to FinTech App Development

Fintech (or Financial Technology) app development demands a robust design that is easy to understand and visually appealing to the user. Sencha Ext JS framework provides a robust platform for Fintech enterprises to develop secure, and universal apps. It’s as easy as developing the app once and deploy seamlessly deploy it on all web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

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