By WalkingTree  March 17,  2021

Winning over the web using Flutter

Websites today are written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Over the years, we’ve had many players in the market attempting to replace it with different technologies, for example, we’ve had Flash and Silverlight. 

So what makes Flutter different this time? In a normal HTML webpage, you have to deal with the page as a document. But in Flutter, the page is drawn to an HTML canvas. Flutter controls every pixel that is drawn to the screen and doesn’t use HTML, JavaScript, or CSS to define any of its logic. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Flutter is going to win over the web soon – 

  • In Flutter, if you want to make your content horizontally scrollable instead of vertical, it can be easily done by wrapping the widgets in a SingleChildScrollView. Since Flutter is based on the concept of laying out your page in individual widgets, developers have more command over it. 
  • Flutter uses Dart as its language. Dart comes with static type checking and null safety, so the code in the app, whether it’s being used to describe the app visually, or control the business logic of your app, is fully type-safe.
  • Flutter renders every pixel to the screen, this HELPS designers and developers have great control over exactly what they want in their app. 

Read on to know more about Flutter web.


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