By WalkingTree   October 13 , 2020

Why React is among the top UI frameworks in the world

React, developed by the Facebook team in 2013, drives some of the most widely used codes in the world. According to a survey, 46.4% of all the world’s websites use React.js. Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix use React.js for their applications and web pages. 

React.js is a JavaScript framework for developing web and mobile applications. This framework is the best option for developers to design modern single-page applications of any scale and size.

React has quickly become a popular choice and taken the front-end web development world by storm. React comes with several features, and over the years, they’ve added even more. Let’s take a look at some of these features:

React Hooks

React hooks, is a new concept introduced in the React version 16.8. It allows you to build an entire React app with only functional components. Developers can implement state management, lifecycle methods, and other things in functional components. 

React Hooks also help organize code better, create custom hooks, and share reusable logic between different components. 


JSX is an extension to JavaScript. The major benefit of using JSX is that you’re only interacting with a JavaScript object, and not template strings. JSX allows you to create custom UI components. 

React doesn’t require JSX, but most developers find it helpful when working with UI inside the JavaScript code. It also allows in showing more useful error and warning messages.

Synthetic Events

Synthetic events act as a wrapper around DOM events. They are helpful for event handling and make it easier to make your JS code work in many browsers. They can generate thousands of objects per second and are handled quickly. Synthetic events can also achieve high performance by automatically using event delegation. 

Read on to know more about react.js and some of its useful features.


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