By WalkingTree   September 29, 2020

Flutter app development

Flutter is a cross-platform toolkit for developing GUI applications. A Flutter app natively compiles to iOS and Android Windows, Linux, and macOS, and the web. Many developers have already discovered Flutter and consider it to be a fresh breeze compared to other app development frameworks.

Dart, the programming language used by Flutter, is designed for GUI development. It’s fast and feels natural to those familiar with JavaScript, C#, Java, Kotlin, and similar languages. But why is Flutter the next big thing in app development? 

Cross-platform development done right

The overall design of the Flutter is future-proof. The developer documentation is solid and keeps improving. The ecosystem of Dart and Flutter packages is quite impressive for such a new framework and the way everything is composed of widgets allows for lots of creativity and adaptability. There are more than 90,000 Flutter apps in Google Play and the stats for IOS should be similar as well.

Look and Feel

There have been arguments about Flutter not looking like a Native app. As long as it looks nice, it’s fine! Flutter doesn’t rely on the native layout elements of a platform. Flutter developers don’t have to worry about what the upstream operating systems will do in the next update. As long as Flutter has its canvas to draw on, it will keep working just fine. 


Fuchsia is a new open-source operating system that Google has been creating since 2016. It is designed for security. Well, guess what the Fuchsia developers are integrating into their new OS? It’s Flutter! Once Fuchsia is ready for release, hundreds and thousands of apps can run on it with little to no modifications. 

Read on to know more about Flutter and why it is gonna be the next big thing in app development.


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