By WalkingTree   August 26, 2020

Why are global corporations adopting Microsoft Azure?

The cloud services market is increasing day by day. It has been estimated that this market will grow to $266.4 billion by the end of 2020. There are numerous cloud-service providers, but three of them are in a race to reach the top spot. Those three providers are Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google-Cloud-Platform. A good percentage of all Fortune-500 companies use Microsoft Azure. 

But why are enterprises adopting Azure, when there are cloud providers to choose from? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

Enterprise-centric – Microsoft is aware of how and where enterprises find the best value, and they have modeled their cloud-offerings around these. This helps enterprises migrate easily to Azure. 

Medium learning curve – Microsoft Azure uses existing technologies that existing businesses are already using, thereby it provides the users in the business a medium learning curve. 

Secure – Microsoft is committed to keeping data on the cloud secure. It has invested about $1billion in R&D, 3500 cybersecurity experts to build capabilities that include over 90 compliance offerings. 

Better hybrid cloud capabilities – Microsoft continuously provides strong support for hybrid cloud services, allowing businesses to bring nearly full public Azure functionality using their own on-premises data centers. 

Future-ready – As of today, Microsoft Azure has added 1000+ capabilities in the past year and continues to release more enterprise-centric and future proof products in the future. 

Read on to know more about Azure and why it is a popular choice among enterprises.


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