By WalkingTree  May 28,  2021

5 steps to foster inclusive decision-making in companies

The powerful, open-source ERP/CRM/SCM system, iDempiere is evolving with time. The project focuses on a philosophy of openness, high-quality software, and its collaborative community that includes- implementers, subject matter specialists,  developers, and end-users. The software aims at delivering high-performance codes while continuously improving the architectural design, extensibility, reliability, robust feature set, and the commitment of the open-source community behind the project.

Here are the updates (on features, development, and improvements) on iDempiere software in the past few months:

  • January 2021
    • Technical improvements like improved status bar menu pop-up, removal of obsolete interfaces, etc.
    • UX improvements such as improved layouts.
    • Security improvements and more.
  • February 2021
    • Technical improvements such as the addition of model factory, callout factory, document factory, process factory base class backed by Map and Lambda functional objects.
    • UX improvements including favorite dashboard, message box enhancement, etc.
    • New community plugins and bug fixes, etc.
  • March 2021
    • Implementing OAuth2 for mailing systems.
    • Performance fixes and better security features
  • April 2021
    • Tycho 2.3 upgrade.
    • Addition of AD_StorageProvider_ID to AD_Attachment.
    • UX enhancements including the Record ID button for displaying the ID.

Besides this, the project has also updated the community features every month to deliver the best user experience. It is benefiting organizations by providing high-quality enterprise software without restrictions.

To learn more about the advances and improvements in iDempiere, you can read here.


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