By WalkingTree  March 30,  2021

UI-UX micro typeface tips (1)

It only takes the smallest changes to improve your designs to create efficient and accessible UIs. Let’s take a look at some of the UI/UX micro tips for improving your design. 

Using weight, size, and color to indicate hierarchy – Your text needs to have a balanced hierarchy in place. Just subtle adjustments to the weight, size, and color are all it takes to achieve it. This way, the user can easily scan and find the most important elements and avoid any confusion in the process. 

All uppercase + Letter spacing for the win – It’s a good idea to increase the spacing between the letters and use all uppercase letters to achieve better readability for the user. This will make the words easier to read and process because the letters are more distinguishable from one another. 

Lowercase letters for informal tone – The use of heavier font-weight, and all caps can come across a little too formal. Try choosing all-lowercase, and a lighter font-weight to present a more informal message. 

2 max rule for typefaces – Try sticking to the 1 Typeface rule whenever possible. But, If the project demands it, try not to use more than 2 typeface-combos. Combining too many typefaces can be tricky for the audience. 

Read on to know more about UI/UX typeface tips.


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