By WalkingTree   July 30, 2020

UI Checklist

Every designer has a different approach when it comes to delivering quality design. It’s best to have design criteria or like a checklist for delivering better products or services. A UI checklist covers diverse topics that all of your team members will appreciate. Let’s take a look at some of the checklist points in terms of UI.


  • Are you using brand colors exclusively?
  • Does your relative spacing match the relative spacing of similar UI elements?
  • Are you using the right shadow criteria?


  • Do interactions, icons that perform the same actions as others that already exist in the site or app?
  • Are you using the appropriate sizes and elements for desktop vs. mobile web vs. an app?
  • Are you using existing elements/components where appropriate?
  • Is your icon placement relative to text appropriate?


  • Are animation curves and durations to enter, exit, and state change defined?
  • Are all states accounted for?


  • Are you using heading, body, and helper copy styles correctly?
  • Are you using the right colors for the type style that you have chosen?


  • Do the most important UI elements take priority?
  • Are you using the correct type of elements to communicate hierarchy?


  • What happens to text when it gets too long? (e.g. truncation, wrapping, etc)
  • Are all empty, error, and loading states accounted for? 

Read on to know more about the UI checklist and accessibility best practices you can use while designing.


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