By WalkingTree  December 28,  2020

Trends influencing DevOps and DevSecOps adoption

As we all know, DevOps is a combination of methods and tools for seamless delivery. Adding to it, DevSecOps provides multiple layers of security to the clients by integrating highly secure and robust tools. This outcome of integrating DevOps and DevSecOps has made it a trendy work cycle. Let’s take a look at some of the trends influencing the DevOps and DevSecOps adoption in organizations.

Monolithic to Microservices – The transition from a monolithic to a microservices architecture has increased the adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps rapidly. With architectures such as containers becoming mainstream, it has become easier for teams to code, debug, and deploy faster.

Kubernetes – A significant infrastructure trend affecting DevOps adoption is the increasing adoption of Kubernetes. It has seen wide-scale adoption in the tech industry. What does this have to with DevOps? Kubernetes offers continuous detection, consistency, and self-healing, making it extremely easy and faster for computers to make sense of the data and eliminate human interaction.

Agile infrastructure –. Agile focuses on collaboration and diversity of skillset to achieve quick distribution and a self-improving work environment. This is the most influential trend for DevOps and DevSecOps adoption. DevOps can be thought of as a framework for agile methodology.

Automation – With the rise of automation, software companies have started to entirely automate, saving a lot of time. It virtually blurs the line between CI and CD. As an increasing number of companies take advantage of this, DevOps adoption has increased.


Read on to know more about the trends influencing DevOps and DevSecOps adoption.


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