By WalkingTree February 24,  2021

The Role of Automation in Digital Transformation

Before the pandemic, Digital transformation was more like a five-year plan for many companies. But now companies in every industry are forced to adapt to an increasingly online-first world. One such industry is the IT industry, wherein manually testing out the application is time-consuming. Hence, many companies have moved towards Automation. By automating mundane tasks, employees can focus on other important tasks.  

Importance of automation

  • Automation improves productivity, employees are spending hours on mundane tasks, such as data entry. Automation can speed up these repetitive tasks, letting employees focus on the human aspects of their jobs, like interacting with customers, making decisions, or learning new skills. 
  • It increases scale. The time-consuming processes that worked yesterday can’t scale to meet the demands today. Automating repetitive tasks lets employees achieve more in the same amount of time, allowing them to scale their workloads.  
  • Automation results in enhanced employee experience. Nobody enjoys entering numbers into a spreadsheet. Automation leaves employees more satisfied and engaged with their companies and their jobs. Having fewer tasks lets employees have the chance to tap the skills that machines aren’t as good at, like creativity, communication, and decision-making.  

Read on to know more about Automation and why companies are moving towards it.


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